The Cowboy Code

The Cowboy Code

As I’m getting older I’ve been reading westerns, especially those written by Louis L’Amour. Cowboys and Cowgirls lived good decent lives. And they lived by a simple code that guided them through life:
• Live each day with courage
• Ride for the brand
• When you make a promise, keep it
• Your word is your bond
• When your friends are in trouble run towards them not away from them
• Talk less and say more
• Remember that some things are not for sale
• Take pride on your work
• Do what has to be done

Let’s look at these one at a time and relate them to our elected officials.
Live each day with courage. Our elected empty suits could really be effective if they lived by this. What kind of courage do they need? I want to see them demonstrate the courage to live by what they promised those who voted for them and especially for those who are paying taxes. I want to see them demonstrate the courage of their own convictions. When they speak I want them to say what they mean and what they believe and then live and act by those beliefs. Say what you mean and live by what you said, don’t change your position when you speak to different groups or when your handlers tell you to change what you believe.
Ride for the brand means that you’re loyal to your organization, the brand identified who owned the cattle. When you rode for the brand you felt an obligation to support your organization in every way possible. Loyalty and respect for your organization and the other members of that organization. Loyalty and trust are important at home and in public. Elected empty suits rarely ride for the brand; they ride for the highest bidder. Not necessarily for a crude cash payment to buy their vote, but by adjusting their position on a topic to adjust their vote in ways that don’t support or defend what they said when they were running for office. The tax payers and voters in their districts are their brand, they must show loyalty and respect to their brand.

When you make a promise, keep it. Your word is your bond. How simple is this to live up to? When you say something to get elected, do what you say. You said it in public to people who trust you, doing what you say should be an easy thing to live up to. Representing yourself as a decent hard working representative of the taxpaying public should make it easy to do what you promised. Do what you said you would do, every time, no exceptions. I can forgive stupid; I won’t forgive disloyal or untrustworthy.
Your reputation and credibility are built on your past actions. Lie to me today, and then try to sell your lie as a practical application of your public efforts on the tax payer’s behalf is a lie and will be seen as a lie by those who expect you to live by the code.

When your friends are in trouble run towards them not away from them. Personally and professionally stand by your family and friends. Stand by your family and friends no matter what. Friends and family make mistakes, sometimes serious mistakes, as far down as they go they need friends and family to help pick them up when they stumble. Friends do define you, but we can’t control the actions of our friends and we can’t choose our family. You don’t have to condone what they did wrong, but you can stand by them to help them get right after they fall. Run towards them never away from them. I won’t vote for a fair weather friend, anyone who turns against you for standing by a friend in deep deep trouble isn’t worth keeping with you. Do the right things regardless of what some people think.

Talk less and say more is good advice for everyone. Elected empty suits can learn from this. Most questions can be answered by a few simple words. Long multisyllabic responses to simple questions are a clear sign you’re lying. Most responses should be yes, no, I won’t do that ever, or I will do that every time I get a chance. A longer response only sets you up for an opportunity to do something different after you’re in office.

Remember that some things are not for sale. This should be obvious, but from what we’ve seen with elected officials they obviously need a reminder. Your word is your bond, when you make a promise you keep it, the respect and loyalty you are expected to have for the tax payers and voters who put their trust in you should be enough to keep you as an elected official to be your own man or woman while in office. Party leaders, campaign contributors, wealthy people in your district who want something special, which may not be in line with the position you took while campaigning for office. Don’t let your position change and have it appear you sold something that should not be sold. What you sold was the trust the tax payers had in you and their respect for you as a man or a woman.

Take pride on your work, be proud of who you are and who you represent. You’re riding for your brand and you should be proud that your friends and neighbors trusted you to represent their best interests. You should be proud that they trust and respect you. Do the job with pride and stand by your words. Make them proud that they voted for you. The tax payers in your district are paying for what you’re voting for, the voters in your district voted for you. Not all voters are tax payers, take care of your tax payers as well as your voters, but make sure you are mindful of the burden you’re placing on the tax payers.

Do what has to be done. Some jobs are difficult and some cause you to get beaten and bruised along the way. Do what has to be done and do it well. Do the right thing for the right reasons no matter what. You may have to take some lumps as you do the right thing, but do it and do it right. Make the tax payers who voted for you proud that they voted for you. If you have to take some lumps and bruises along the way make sure they are on the front of you, not on your back. Get hurt going towards the danger not running away from it.

If you want my vote, Cowboy up and ride for your brand!!

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Pillow Fluffing Plain and Fancy

Pillow Fluffing Plain and Fancy

Apparently some members of the media are upset that the administration is actively pursuing some in the media for reporting stories that are classified. The reporters don’t always seem to get the facts that they get through legal means. When laws are broken and crimes are committed the legal authorities will actively pursue the case and attempt prosecution.

When a reporter is given information that an individual has that is classified that person (the reporter thinks of that person as a source) has committed a crime. There are rules and laws protecting classified information. Losing control of that information on purpose or by accident is a crime.

There is nothing magical about the reporter that makes disclosing classified information acceptable. The reporter is a participant in that crime.

It’s one thing for a reporter to follow a political candidate who told the reporters to follow him if they thought he as having an extramarital affair, and then witnessing the candidate enter and leave a hotel with a woman who was not his wife (does this remind anyone of Gary Hart). That is reporting and that information is available for public consumption.

When a State Department employee has access to classified material and shares that classified material with a reporter that information is stolen property and is not available for public consumption. The State Department employee and the reporter committed crimes.

That act is not protected by the First Amendment.

Maureen Dowd said this in her recent column:

“So why don’t they back off Risen? It’s hard to fathom how the president who started with the press fluffing his pillows has ended up trying to suffocate the press with those pillows.”

Started with the press fluffing his pillows is an interesting statement. I agree with it because the press did everything they could to get him elected. They abandoned the Public Watchdog position they should have maintained and they fluffed his pillows for the low information voters.

The administration is not trying to suffocate the media when they investigate violations of the law. Leaking classified information is a serious offense. It must be prosecuted and the violators must lose access to any further classified material.

That’s what is most disturbing to me. The media doesn’t see how that is a criminal act, and the media thinks it deserves special treatment for fluffing the administrations pillows.

Here’s what I want to media to understand.

A crime is a crime and must be investigated and prosecuted.

Leaking classified material to a reporter is still a crime. The reporter is violating the law when they receive and publicize classified information and protecting the source of that leak is obstruction of justice.

When you fluff the pillows of a political candidate you are not serving as the public watchdog. Voters expect to get the truth from an unbiased media. Find the truth and the facts and report them.

The media is out of touch with why we have a First Amendment. It’s to share the truth. Feel free to report your opinion but make sure you let everyone know it’s your opinion not the facts.

The media has not been serving its intended purpose for a long time. I hope they learn from their mistakes and correct themselves soon.


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The Best Candidate

The Best Candidate

As we approach this year’s midterm elections we will see quite a few candidates. Some will be adequate, some will be pitiful and very few, if any, will be great.

Most will spend a lot of money, donated by individuals and organizations trying to buy the influence of the empty suits who get elected. It will astound us at how much money is available to donate to political campaigns. Our local, state, and federal governments are spending money they don’t have in spite of the painful level of taxes that they confiscate from the tax payers, yet there will be billions of dollars available to slap lipstick on the pigs running for office.

The money is needed because the candidates don’t have the resumes that will impress the voters. The radio, TV, and print ads will be necessary to blow smoke and hang mirrors in front of us to make that lipstick wearing pig seem like the candidate we want to elect. The sad part of this is that it works. The low information voter will always vote for the candidate that puts on the best show.

I’m told by people I know, I certainly don’t know this from personal experience, that strippers use glitter to highlight certain parts of their bodies that giggle and bounce. That seems like a waste glitter, men who frequent those establishments are going to stare at them anyway even without the glitter.

Voters will not stare at or vote for the empty suit running for office because they have nothing to offer without the glitter. The low information voter only votes for the glitter.

The best candidate will be the one who has a legitimate resume filled with accomplishments and success in the real world.

The best candidate will be able to stand in front of the voters and tell them in a clear simple statement why they’re running for office. Their statements will include words like “I will do this” and I won’t do that. They’ll talk about taxes and how they must be lowered. They’ll talk about spending and how the spending must be controlled and limited.

They’ll gladly answer questions with very few words and with simple sentences. They will not look for wiggle room in their answers. They will be honest and straight forward.

They will make strong and bold statements that will inspire and motivate the voters. They will face the challenges and lead the way to solutions to our problems, and believe me we have problems that have to be solved.
Problem solving will cause some special interests to be disappointed, the solutions will require change. The special interests won’t sit back quietly and allow the best of leaders to ruin their control of the lipstick wearing pigs who do what they are told by the special interests.

Pioneers take the arrows, whoever are the best candidates they must be willing to face these challenges and be willing to stand in front of the voters who initially supported him or her and face their wrath. The solutions won’t be pretty, but they will be necessary, and they will be hard to swallow but they must be endured. The longer we wait to solve these problems the more painful and the more difficult the solutions will have to be.
If you doubt me look at Detroit and the problems they’re facing today. Several cities in California are on the road to Detroit. The United States Government is also on the same road, we must face the problems sooner rather than later.

The pigs wearing the lipstick can’t understand the problems let alone fix them. Identifying the problems, communicating them to the voters and the tax payers will be hard to do. Then they must identify the path to the solutions and identify the changes and sacrifices that will be required. This will require men and women with courage and integrity.

Elected empty suits have never demonstrated the strength of character or integrity to verbalize the problems, it’s unlikely they’ll stand tall and tell us how they will lead us and start facing reality.
The best candidates will take on the challenges and inspire us to suffer the short term pain and accept the change that will be necessary.

We choose in November, the pig wearing lipstick or the leader willing to face the challenge. I hope enough of us vote t

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How the State Department spent $545,000

How the State Department spent $545,000

State Department hires company to prep officials for congressional grillings.

The State Department is spending a fortune trying to teach its employees how to testify before Congress.
I know how to do it, I want a part of the $545,000. Sit there tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It shouldn’t take any more guidance than that. The scary part is that decision makers at a level who can approve a half million dollars in spending approved this.

It also seems that the expense was determined to be a solution to other shortcomings of State Department Employees and their testimony before Congress. It causes me to have even a lower opinion of the decision makers than I initially had when my narrow mind assumed that the money was to teach them how to lie better.

The company collecting this money is AMTIC, Inc. and according to its website it provides “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services while continuing to serve our nation.”
High-quality, and affordable products and services, I wonder what those could be. A half million dollars is not affordable in my book.

The White House faced criticism about the poor testimony by a number of ambassador nominees who had little to no knowledge or expertise about the nations where they would serve.

The decision makers who approved spending the half a million of our tax dollars saw that as an effective solution to the problem. Pay professionals who provides “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services” to teach those who will potentially perform poorly in front of congress, how not to look so stupid.

I think they solved the wrong problem. The poor testimony delivered by the nominees was not the problem, it was a symptom of the problem.

The problem is that the nominees are idiots. They were nominated based on their campaign contributions, not their abilities. The solution to the problem is to nominate quality people who can do a quality job, not to spend a half million of our hard earned dollars to make an idiot appear to be less stupid.

This is exactly like Bud Abbott trying to coach Lou Costello on how to sound like a lawyer so he can defend Mr. Bacciagalupe on a trumped up Jaywalking Charge. Lou Costello is still going to be Lou Costello but at least we will get a chuckle out of the process.

The State Department does not make me chuckle. Their problem solving skills are weak, their spending practices are terrible. Decision makers approved this much money to solve the wrong problem.

I understand that they are stuck with political appointees who may be unsuited to the job they were appointed to, but for them to spend a half million dollars to artificially make the inadequate appointees appear less stupid demonstrate a complete ignorance of the value of money.

A half million dollars of our tax money should be spent on a more worthy expense. If the appointee is an idiot, let congress see the idiot in all of his or her glory. We can do that without spending any money.

Spending a half million dollars in an attempt to make chicken salad out of chicken shit disgusts me.

I won’t even go into the existence of a company who has found success in providing “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services. They can only be paid for from tax revenues.

This parasitic organization only exists to receive tax revenues from dim witted elected empty suits and those appointed by elected empty suits to paint lipstick on pigs.

As fond as I am of the free market economy I admire this company very much. They found a target rich environment and a path to success.

Dim witted empty suits can always be convinced to pay tax money to someone who may be able to help them look less stupid and less dim witted.

Here is my advice to the dim witted elected empty suits!!!!

Stop spending money on stupid shit!!!!!!!

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Politicians in Handcuffs

Collected essays highlighting the wonders of the Free Market Economy, and the problems and pitfalls created by our ever present elected empty suits!
We are the victims of the low-information voter. They are easily impressed by an elected empty suit who promises them a free lunch just to get their vote.
They misspend our money that the government took from us in the form of taxes and used it to buy the love and devotion of the low information voters.

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Liberals Complain about the Overreach of Government

Liberals Complain about the Overreach of Government

Robert Redford who has sung the praises of liberal causes most of his adult life recently (2005) had the good fortune to sell his share of the Sundance Channel. I don’t know the details but I hope he made a ton of money from the sale. The free market economy loves when a business is successful and really loves it when the creator or investor tries to cash in on the success of their investment or their business. A successful investment or business usually means people are working and earning a steady paycheck, it also means the economy is stimulated the right way.

Robert Redford is so upset with the state of New York he has initiated a lawsuit.

With regard to the details of the suit, The Hollywood Reporter states the following:

The lawsuit deals with the nuances of an “S corporation,” which aren’t owned by a large amount of stockholders but rather are closely held with profits passing to individual owners. These owners, in turn, report profits and losses on their own individual income tax. Redford says he did that on his own personal tax returns in Utah from 2005. Now, he’s concerned about double taxation if forced to account for the passive S Corporation that once controlled Sundance Channel. Redford’s complaint paints his corporate assets as not holding “any property, payroll or receipts, located in or deemed attributable to the conduct of a trade or business in New York.

New York is taxing the Mr. Redford $845,066 in taxes plus $727,404 in interest owed. He lives in Utah, and he already paid the interest owed to his home state and believes he owes New York nothing.

New York is guilty of over reach and takes a very aggressive approach in tax collecting. New York always takes an aggressive approach to taxes, because they can’t stop taking an aggressive approach to spending and misspending what tax revenues they collect without lawsuits and the objections of tax payers.

Let me state the obvious:

• Governments will go to great lengths to stick their hand on our pockets and take part of our success.
• Governments will spend more than they receive and NEVER consider that a problem.
• Liberals will always focus on the good intentions of their bleeding hears and never consider the consequences of their good intentions.
• When you offer a free ride to the masses that genuinely need the help you will open the door to those who don’t need the help to make you help them too.
• There is no free lunch. When you are invited to a free lunch someone pays for it. When your entire political philosophy consists of a lot of free lunches someone is paying for them.
• Taxpayers are forced to pay for the free stuff that elected empty suits promise the low information voters to earn their votes.
• Shallow minded elected empty suits will grasp at any shiny object that can pay for the free stuff that they promised the voters.
• Governments can’t survive on the success they confiscate from Conservatives alone. Successful Liberals must be vandalized and robbed by government too.

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Senators Seek to Protect 15,000 Postal Jobs

Senators Seek to Protect 15,000 Postal Jobs

Several US Senators are trying to pass legislation to prevent the United States Postal Service from streamlining their operations by closing 80 facilities. This will also eliminate about 15,000 jobs. The USPS is smart enough to know that they are too bloated to be effective. They have people, equipment, and facilities that are not being productive.

The USPS is trying to run itself like a real business, but Elected Empty suits in the form of Democratic Senators want to prevent them from doing the right thing. Elected empty suits see their role as a body of brilliant people who pass legislation to coerce innocent tax payers to do what they think is the best thing.

One way elected empty suits get to be elected empty suits is; they have no marketable skills, they are easily led by people who shovel money in their direction and they aren’t very smart. If they were smart they would understand how stupid the legislation is that their puppet masters and string pullers tell them to pass.

The USPS is trying to right size themselves. That means they are too big and bloated and they must get themselves to a size that is best for their business. Technology has been the enemy of the Postal Service. Email, faxes, computers and competitors like Fed Ex and UPS have taken a significant portion of the business away from the Post Office.

Too many people equipment and facilities cost the company much more money than they need to operate efficiently. With their expenses so high they would reduce their profits, but the Post Office is unique they are not like real businesses, they can turn to the US Government to pick up the slack and make good on their losses.

Kudos to the Post Office senior management; they are trying to do the right thing but elected empty suits think they know better. They think that since the economy is tight right now and the middle class is being squeezed we must legislate the Post Office into making the wrong decisions and costing tax payers a lot of money.

Elected Empty suits think that the must coerce the Post Office from doing the right thing by force of law. Their plan is to artificially maintain do nothing jobs that will be ultimately paid for by the tax payers just to please the union masters of the elected empty suits.
If we look close enough I’m sure that the unions associated with the Post office have pulled the strings necessary to cause these particular empty suits to attempt this legislation.

Lessons Learned:

Yes the legislator that you think is stupid really is that stupid.

The election process saps common sense and intelligence from the elected empty suits.

When an elected empty suit finds a problem they will offer not just the wrong solution but a solution that is so wrong it will cost tax payers multiple millions of tax dollars to und the solution.

Unions will always do their best through the collection of union dues to lower the standard of any organization to the lowest common denominator. Unions can’t afford to lose any dues paying members, because they are hard to get. When employees in the public or private sectors have a choice they will NOT choose paying dues to a union.

Elected empty suits and unions cost the tax payers too much money and the elected empty suits are always too willing to prostitute themselves to a union flush with union dues paid for by union members who must pay dues to that union in order to keep their jobs.

Gino DiCostanzo

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