Earth Day

Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day keep in mind how accurate the scientists have been with their predictions of doom and gloom. Yes we do pollute our air and water, yes we can improve our behavior and clean up our habits to improve the quality of our environment.

We are not behaving so poorly that the world as we know it is going to stop in the foreseeable future. The sky is not falling and the world wont end soon.

This article by Daniel Payne reinforces my point.


This Earth Day, Remember How Often Environmental Alarmists Are Wrong

Now you can ignore the hysteria and simply live your life without worrying about Tampa.

April 22, 2017 By Daniel Payne

Today is the 47th annual Earth Day. On this day, it is worth reflecting on how completely, totally wrong environmental alarmists often are. Few things tell us more about the environmental movement—where it’s been and, more importantly, where it is now—than its dismal track record in the predictive department.

Case in point: Paul Ehrlich, who is as close to a rock star as you’re apt to find among environmentalists. Ehrlich is most famous for his 1968 book “The Population Bomb,” in which he famously predicted that, during the 1970s and 1980s, humanity would suffer mass famine and starvation due to overpopulation. “At this late date,” Ehrlich wrote, “nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate.”

Spoiler alert: Ehrlich was wrong—so wrong, in fact, that not only did his doomsday predictions fail to materialize, but the exact opposite happened. Readers who were alive during the 1970s and 80s will recall that there was plenty to eat, there was no mass die-off, everything worked out fine, and humanity’s lot continued to improve as it had throughout the rest of the 20th century.





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Trump’s Budget Asks the Right Questions for Conservatives

Trump’s Budget Asks the Right Questions for Conservatives

By Megan McArdle


This is why Trump was elected he’s not political he’s practical. He’s trying to make the states do what belongs to the states and the Federal Government do what the federal government should do.

He’ also trying to stop spending money on programs that have not been working. He refuses to throw away tax dollars to satisfy interest groups.

This is a new approach let’s watch and see what happens.

“Trump wants to spend more money on transportation, homeland security, and the military, so he has to cut other stuff. The result has been called antediluvian in many quarters, but you don’t need to go back quite that far in history. In fact, with this budget, Trump is not even seeking a return to the (lightly fictionalized) laissez-faire ideology of the nineteenth century, or the version often attributed to modern libertarians. What he is doing is reframing the focus of government: away from people abroad and towards people at home, largely away from blue-state concerns and towards red-state ones. And he is trimming back, though far from eliminating, the post-1960s attempt, sadly as-yet-unsuccessful, to micromanage poverty out of existence.”



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Trump’s GOP: The end of ‘checklist conservatism’
Trump has been successful and popular because we are all tired of being used and abuse by the two extremes. We all look to Trump to make America what it used to be, hard working men and women making a living with little interference from the government.

Government is here to serve us we are not here to serve the government. That’s what he will do for us!
He’s not in any way a bigot, and the only blinkered folks who would think he is are people who can understand the world only through the prism of race and gender, and who moreover are eager to smear their opponents.

Here’s what Trump isn’t: a right-wing ideologue, a member of the Republican Party of Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz, of checklist conservatism and of the idea that 47 percent of Americans are “takers.” That party died in 2012, a victim in part of its own heartlessness. It took with it the right-wing intellectuals who, after all, aren’t so very intelligent and the right-wing thinkers who aren’t well-read either; and who so closely resemble the left in their contempt for Trump’s supporters.

What unites those at the extremes of our politics is a belief in the rottenness of ordinary Americans.


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Children facing Life

Today’s students are devastated that Trump won. They need therapy dogs and play doh. 

Life is going to be real tough for these children. As they move through life they will find disappointments more devastating than an election. 

Generations before them we were faced with serious events that had to be faced and dealt with. We went to war, we rebuilt after disasters natural and man made, we faced fraught and famine. We dealt with life as it came our way!

Were these children raised to be overwhelmed by an election that didn’t go their way? 

Buck up kids! Life gets tough and you must face it and deal with it!

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Trump wins the popular vote!!!!

The analysis is showing that about 3 Million illegal aliens voted. Illegal aliens aren’t eligible voters so their votes don’t count!

That will reduce Hillary’s votes by almost 3 Million votes. Trump won the popular as well as the electoral votes!

Report: Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens

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Trump will Win Big

Trump will win big! He will get more than 270 electoral votes before the polls close on the West Coast! Hillary will not get 42% of the vote

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How to Change The Mind of a Hillary Supporter


Unhypnotizing a Clinton Supporter

This is an article written by Scott Adams and posted on his blog. Scott Adams is the author / creator of Dilbert. It’s a clear method describing how to unhypnotyize a Hillary supporter. For many who have an intellectual approach to their information this should work.

I believe those who have an intellectual approach have already changed their minds and will not vote for her. For many it appears to be an emotional attachment and even if Hillary was campaigning from a jail cell they would vote for her.

She can’t get her supporters as excited and motivated as Trump can, she can’t offer to make any decisions that will improve the country. If she had a plan she would have mentioned it by now. If she mentioned it who would believe her. Her credibility is shot. How can anyone believe anything she says?

The coalition that elected Obama twice will not come out and vote for her. She offers nothing to republicans or independents. Trump is going to get somewhere between 18% and 25% of the black vote, many hard-core liberals don’t trust her and prefer Stein, and finally at least a third of the Sanders supporters will vote for anyone but Hillary.

The strongest and most reliable constituencies that she can depend on are the dead and illegal aliens. In Virginia Terry McAuliffe pardoned 60,000 felons so they could vote.

Even with all of this creative voting Trump will win big,

Readers of this (Scott Adam’s) blog might recall that months ago I predicted that Trump would soften his immigration proposals. That’s because I saw him from the start as a Master Persuader, not a crazy person, and not a common flip-flopper.

In my opinion, Trump might be the safest president we have ever had. He can lead the dark parts of his base toward the light (as Nixon went to China) and he has no incentive for war. Claims about his “temperament” are mostly about his penchant for insults, and that isn’t a mortal danger to anyone.

And there you have your formula for unhypnotizing a Clinton supporter who is mostly worried about Trump being dangerous.



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