The Media is desperate!

The media is desperate, the polls we see the news we hear is designed to make everyone lose faith in Trump’s chance to win!

Trump is gaining ground!

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Polling is Inaccurate 

Pat Caddell: ‘Nobody Knows What We’re Polling. … The Race Stands Unresolved’ You 

Accurate polling requires the pollsters to sample a a group that is similar to the group voting. Usually they use the group that voted in the last election for president 2012. This election will be drastically different. This election will have a smaller sample of all registered republicans who will vote for Trump, and it will have a larger sample of the democrats who won’t vote for Hillary and will vote for third party.

Turn out will be quite different because the minorities are not as enthused about their candidate so won’t turn out in their usually numbers. Voters who feel that the country is going in the wrong direction but rarely vote will turn out in larger numbers than ever before so the polling will be less than accurate and it’s based on traditional candidates.

Hillary is not a traditional democratic candidate. She is despicable and distrusted more than any other democratic candidate in the past plus she has medical limitations that are real or imagined but they are part of the campaign.

Trump is not traditional republican candidate because he is antiestablishment and does not come from a political background. He clearly represents change and a departure from the standard.

To anticipate this election we have to use our common sense. Hillary wants to raise taxes and limit growth, Trump wants to lower taxes and stimulate the free market.

Trump routinely draws large crowds of supporters who jump up and down carry signs and can’t wait to go to the polls and vote him in office. 

Hillary can’t fill a small room and she has less than a third of the number of events that Trump has.

I see 20 Trump Bumper Stickers to every one of Hillary’s. I see 10 lawn signs for Trump to every Hillary sign. 

The polls are measuring a moving target with a very wide lens. Accuracy is questionable.

Believe what you see and hear.

Trump is going to win BIG!!!!


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Trump is rising in the polls because he isn’t a politician.


We are sick and tired of professional politicians and we are tired of getting screwed by government that is growing out of control.

Those of us who intend to vote for him want him because he is not the status quo. He will change the dynamic between the government and the taxpayer. Politicians have been using the tax payers as their piggy bank to get themselves reelected. They use us as a tool to make friends with the main stream media who have their own agenda and the politicians have become obligated to make them happy so the media won’t speak harshly about them in the press.

Trump is doing well because we want a bull in a china cabinet knocking things over and breaking things.

What we have for government is broken and we want it fixed. The status quo has tried very hard to cook the books to keep him out. For all of the reasons they tell us that he is unfit for office is why we want him. The more they try to push him out the more we want to support him.

We want lower taxes and less government. We also want the main stream media to be fair and impartial to serve as the watch dog the tax payers deserve. The main stream media we have now are so deep in the bag for Hillary and thee twists and turns they go through to prop her up and shoe horn her into the White House will only accelerate their demise.

They light of their impact on the tax payer will quickly burn out as more and more of us realize they are not working in the favor of the voters. The free market will cause them to die off. When we don’t trust them or respect them we won’t tune in or click on their links.


Trump will win BIG!!!


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Trump Convinces Marginal Voters

The problem with Hillary’s speech: It’s all ‘me,’


Hillary is having trouble drawing the voters from the Sanders supporters. Now that she has the nomination she can’t convince those who opposed her in the past to change sides and support her.

Mr. Nemick hits the nail on the head when he says that this election is all about her. She never articulates why we should vote for her. The only thing she says she’ll do is raise taxes and increase the estate taxes. Her ads are all attack adds not a message telling us why we should vote for her. She begs us all to vote against Trump but nothing about why we should vote for her.

Nathan Nemick voted for Bernie Sanders in the Pennsylvania primary, but the young Democrat can’t support the Democrat who won the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

“Her campaign is all about her, and there is nothing about what she has done in her years in politics that has any concrete value for me,” the 33-year-old says. He’s voting for Donald Trump.


Did Donald Trump deconstruct Hillary Clinton with marginal voters?


Michael Barone makes a crucial point in this article. Hillary did nothing in the debate to convince a large enough percentage of minority or millennials to vote for her. For her to win she needs a similar turn out and enthusiasm from her supporters that Obama had.

She can’t fill a small gymnasium with supporters in any of the battleground states. She can’t get the voters excited to vote for her. Trump gets some of his supporters excited about voting for him and some of Trump’s supporters are excited about voting against her.

Overall, as I wrote on debate night, I think Clinton won the debate. Perhaps that reflects a professional writer’s prejudice in favor of people who speak, more or less, in whole sentences and paragraphs, and prejudice against those who engage in free-form, parenthetical-filled, free-association discourse. Or perhaps a former political consultant’s bias in favor of candidates who are well prepared. But on reflection and looking over the transcript, I think Trump did a fairly good job of discouraging marginal voters from voting for Clinton, more than I appreciated as I watched the debate.

Trump is going to win BIG!


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Newt makes my point

Newt Gingrich: Trump won the debate. Don’t believe the “Intellectual Yet Idiot” class
Newt makes many of the points I have been making for months. The media and the professional politicians have no idea what the country sees and hears.

The flash polls listed below were done during and after the debate. This shows how the voters reacted. As I have been saying Hillary will most likely not even get the 42% that should be a given for a brain dead democrate. She is worse than a brain dead democrat because she is unlikable and dishonest.


Time: Trump 55 Clinton 45

Fortune: Trump 53, Clinton 47 (New Jersey): Trump 57.5, Clinton 37.78

CNBC: Trump 68, Clinton 32

WCPO Cincinnati: Trump 57, Clinton 37

Variety: Trump 58.12, Clinton 41.88

Slate: Trump 55.18, Clinton 44.82

WKRN Nashville: Trump 64.58, Clinton 35.42

Las Vegas Sun: Trump 82, Clinton 18

Fox5 San Diego: Trump 61.45, Clinton 33.69

San Diego Tribune: Trump 65, Clinton 35

If you go to the Daily Mail, you can see that the list goes on and on.

Clinton won a handful of liberal sites with liberal audiences but she lost virtually everywhere else.


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Trump Gains in Florida

Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters 

Hillary is having a problem in Florida. She needs to win the state but Trump is beating her. She and her campaign feel that they have an edge with minority voters, both black and Hispanic. The problem is the numbers won’t work out in her favor. She gets a majority of each group but she doesn’t get enough. Trump gets a much bigger majority of those who are not in a minority group.


The millennials and the minorities are not excited by her. They would rather not vote or vote for someone else rather than her.


You can hang something shiny or something that sparkles on a hook in order to catch a fish, but nothing that shines or sparkles will get them to vote for a dishonest unlikeable old lady.


Part of the problem Clinton faces is that Obama, the actual black president, is the toughest of acts to follow. Obama enjoyed support from 95 percent of Florida’s black voters in both 2012 and 2008, according to exit polls.

Clinton isn’t polling quite that well in a state that has nearly 1.7 million black voters. An average of the last three Florida polls that provided racial breakdowns shows she’s polling less than 85 percent among African-American voters in Florida, while Trump polls around 5 percent.

It’s not just Clinton’s margins with black voters that concerns Democrats. It’s whether African-American voters turn out in force for her in a pivotal state whose 29 electoral votes are essential to the GOP nominee’s path to an Electoral College victory. A loss in Florida all but guarantees a Trump defeat on Election Day.

Clinton faces a similar potential problem with Hispanic voters. Though Florida Hispanics back her by double-digit margins similar to the level of support Obama enjoyed, activists fear their turnout rate will be lower. Hispanics account for more than 15 percent of the Florida voter rolls and African-Americans are more than 13 percent. About 65 percent of registered voters are non-Hispanic white, and they heavily favor Trump.



10,000 gather for Donald Trump rally in Central Florida 

Trump draws a Rock Star sized crowd in Florida; Hillary has trouble finning small school gyms. This is the enthusiasm gap that will cause him to win.

The countries is tired of long term politicians who come into office broke and leave worth millions but don’t do anything to make it better for the taxpayers.

That’s why Trump draws thousands and Hillary can’t fill a small room.


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Trump is gaining in Minnessotta 

Trump is gaining in Minnessotta because he is the change candidate and Hillary is the status who candidate!

He’s gaining in several states that Hillary was counting on!

Hillary is starting panic!

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