History and Context



Over the past few years many people have developed a bad habit of measuring the past against the standards of today. The Eighteenth Century was different than we are today. The people were different, life was different, values and customs were different than they are today.
We can’t measure anyone who was living more than two hundred years ago by the standards we have today. We can’t be measured by the standards of 1750 either, life was different we wouldn’t fit in to their time and place.
Benjamin Franklin conducted his observations and experiment where he discovered much of what was known at the time of the nature of electricity, in the 1740s. Their lives did not include anything with electricity, their news came from word of mouth, or pamphlets and newspapers, printed weekly, not daily. They used Town Criers for breaking news.
This country was very new and just really developing into the United States of America, they were still a colony of England. That was not our time or place.
Take Ben Franklin, John Adams, or Thomas Jefferson and bring them to the current day and they wouldn’t fit in with us. This is not their time or place.
General Robert E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson were honored by Charlottesville, Virginia when they erected statues to their memories and named parks after them. In 2017 Charlottesville decided to rename their parks and tear down the statues. The city had every right to do that, but that didn’t sit well with everyone.
In their time these two Southern Gentlemen and Soldiers were very well respected and admired by their friends, neighbors and even their enemies. In their time and place they were men of substance and men to be respected and admired. Measuring them by today’s standards is wrong and unfair. They didn’t live today they didn’t have the benefit of the exposure to today’s time and place.
The city of Charlottesville had the right to make the change, but they opened the door to the protests that followed. Holding them to today’s standards was unfair and an insult to their memories. That doesn’t justify the violence that occurred but it does explain why the emotions and tempers were so high.
Today many fault our Founding Fathers for their acceptance of Slavery in the founding of our country. Slavery was a part of life and a part of our economy at that time. Their acceptance of what was normal in their time and place was not wrong of them. Some did attempt to rid the country of slavery at our founding, but that wasn’t the right time and place, there was too much opposition to it then. Eighty more years and the Civil War were required to settle the issue of slavery. That was the time and place for the resolution of Slavery, not at our Founding in the 1700s.
We as a country didn’t invent slavery, it was a part of civilization since the dawn of man. The Romans, the Greeks and countless other civilizations dealt in slavery. Its part of our world history, not just part of American history.
In the time and place people live and exist they’re accountable for the values and customs of their time and place.
Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and had children by his slave or slaves. That was a common practice for men of substance in the 1700s. He was not evil, he was not a criminal, he was a man of his time.
We’re wrong for judging him through our filters of right and wrong in our time and place. He live his life as a Virginian in the 1700s not as a man of the twenty first century; we should judge him in his own time and place.
History and Context must be considered together. It’s a matter of time and plac

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The End of the Main Stream Media


We have the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press in this country, our Founding Fathers built them into our Constitution. Every one of us has the right to speak our minds regardless of our content, and the media is free to report the facts as they occur. Our free press and our media are the public watchdog, intended to speak truth to power to keep our government in check.
When the President says you can keep your health insurance if you like it, but the legislation doesn’t support that, the media is free to challenge the President on that statement. They’re free to inform the voters that the President is lying or at least misrepresenting the facts.
To do that the media must be looking for the truth, they must fact check the President and understand the legislation, then report what they find because they want the public to know the truth.
When the President makes a statement after two mass shootings in a week and the New York Times Publishes an accurate headline “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM” but then changes it after complaints from the rest of the media and democratic politicians, then they’re no longer serving as the public watchdog, they’re no longer interested in the truth.
The public watchdog is there to protect the public from the abuse of power by government. Unless the public watchdog has its own agenda and its own narrative, then they no longer serve as the public watchdog.
Too many people in this country don’t know the truth about current events. Too many have no idea what’s happened in the past, they don’t know the history of this country. The media misrepresents or colors actual events to match their narrative. They frequently fail to report facts that don’t fit in with their narrative. They always report the story in a way to insure that it matches their narrative. We’re forced to accept the main stream media’s narrative instead of the facts.
Some of us use multiple sources to gather the news, we see multiple points of view, we want to learn the truth, so we seek it out. Too many voters don’t do that, too many voters take the word of the main stream media and accept their version as the truth. Not the facts, but the media’s narrative.
The media and the left perpetuate their version of events at the expense of the truth. Examples of this are the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO by Officer Darren Wilson, The events in Charlottesville in August of 2017, and The entire Russia Collusion story, including the involvement of the FBI and the DOJ in perpetuating the Steele Dossier.
The Obama Justice Department investigated the shooting and cleared Officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing. Michael Brown’s hands were not up he was reaching into the car and reaching for Officer Wilson’s weapon. The witnesses were lying about seeing Michael Brown with his hands up saying “Don’t shoot”. Forensics prove the shots were fired up close and the wounds also prove that Mr. Brown’s hands were not up.
Forensic Science proves the facts, there is no judgment call. Officer Wilson made his report and the science backed up his statement. The entire Black Lives Matter movement sprang to life based on this false narrative, the left and media continue to perpetuate the lies.
Michael Brown was not murdered, he was killed in a police shooting because he was violent and attacking Officer Wilson. A Grand Jury cleared officer Brown of any wrongdoing. The justice system worked, that doesn’t agree with he media’s agenda so they continue to misrepresent the facts.
Democratic candidates are using this “murder” in their campaigns and the media is not challenging them for their lies and misrepresentations.

Charlottesville is another example of the media and the left misrepresenting the facts to bolster their narrative. There was a “Unite the Right” rally scheduled for that day, they applied for permits and planned a peaceful rally protesting the name change of a couple of parks and the removal of statues. They were protesting the decision to rename Lee Park to Emancipation Park and to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee. They were also protesting the decision to rename Jackson Park (named after Stonewall Jackson) to Justice Park. These parks are within two blocks of each other in Charlottesville.
They applied for and were granted permits to protest, they had the right to protest, they have the right to free speech even if most people are offended by their speech they have the right to speak it.
Antifa was there to protest the protesters, they were there to shut down Unite the Right’s freedom of speech. Law Enforcement failed that day, they were responsible for maintaining the peace, but they allowed Antifa to get close enough to Unite the Right and then violence broke out on both sides. Six were injured and one was killed as a result.
President Trump condemned the violence on both sides, he praised the good people on both sides, but the media wouldn’t accept that, by not singling out the right culprit according to the left and the media that meant the President condoned and agreed with the hate speech Unite the Right was speaking.
The President never condoned or agreed with the hate speech, but he has been condemned for it because the left and the media will not accept anything he does, he must always be portrayed as a racist and a hate monger. The media continues to misrepresent the facts of that incident. Too many people in this country believe what the media reports and do not know the facts.
The Mueller Report cleared President Trump of working with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The Mueller Report left a cloud hanging about the Obstruction of Justice. They say they could not exonerate the President on that charge. There was no original crime, there could not be an obstruction.
Mr. Mueller was not there to exonerate anyone, he was there to investigate and report his findings and bring indictments if he discovered crimes were committed. He found nothing, the indictments were for process crimes or crimes unrelated to the incidents he was investigating.
Prosecutors do not exonerate anyone, that’s not part of the process it had no place in the Mueller report but the lynch mob that was Mueller’s team put it there because they had no crimes to charge him with. The media should have challenged that but they failed to.
Mr. Mueller never reported on the Steele Dossier, paid for by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Campaign and spoon fed to the FBI, the State Department, and Justice Departments by a senior Justice employee Bruce Ohr whose wife worked for Steele.
The DOJ Inspector General’s report is coming out, the investigation that Attorney General Barr has initiated will reveal a lot of dirt on the Obama Administration and will in many ways support President Trumps accusation that it was a witch hunt.
The media is ignoring the facts because they don’t follow their narrative. Soon they’ll be forced to report some uncomfortable indictments that they won’t want to report but will have to.
We no longer have a public watchdog who speaks truth to power, we have an opponent of the President, they will down play any good news or fail to report it, they will color the facts to present the President in a bad light, they will push their narrative and ignore the truth.
History will record these last years a the decline of the main stream media. They fell because they abandoned the truth. They gave up the desire to be fair. They abandoned their ethics.
They decided that the voters made a bad choice by voting for President Trump so they were going to do their best to undo the election. All they are going to accomplish is increase his margin of victory in 2020.

The Ferguson Narrative


New York Times Headline

Bruce Ohr, Lies, and the Steele Dossier


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Who is best suited to become the President of the United States?

Who is best suited to become the President of the United States?
In 2016 the Democratic Party propped up Hillary Clinton to be their candidate for President. They lied, they cheated, they broke rules because she felt it was her turn. She dragged the entire organization along with her for her chance to be the President.
She was an obviously flawed candidate with a history that much of the country didn’t like. With all of her baggage and with her clout within the Democratic party and especially with the big money donors she became the candidate. She lost the election, the two big reasons that she lost were that she was a poor candidate and she stood for nothing, her campaign was mostly that Donald Trump was a dirty rotten bastard. She didn’t offer anything positive to vote for.
As the Democrats start looking for a candidate for the 2020 campaign they have former Vice President Joe Biden, he wasn’t a great candidate when he was in his prime, but if elected he’ll be 78 when he takes office. He’s the leading candidate in the Democratic party. The organization and the donors are going to do their best to tip the scales in his direction to insure that he’s the nominee.
None of these Democratic Candidates are anything to write home about. They’re all professional politicians without any significant accomplishments in their lives. What do politicians bring to the table anyway? What is the best path to get to the White House?
Too Frequently we see politicians become President, they’re the least capable of individuals to handle the job. One of my favorite quotes from General George Patton is “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth”. A military man like General Patton, or General Eisenhower are far more suited for the office of President than a Politician is.
The job of President is spelled out in the Constitution, it specifies what the President can do, it doesn’t speak much about what the President can’t do and honestly the can do list is pretty short. The Oath of Office says a lot as well.
The Presidential Oath of Office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
The President must be able to preserve protect and defend the Constitution. A politician is the least likely person to be able to preserve protect and defend anything.
The Constitution explicitly assigns the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of their Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors.
The job is fairly well spelled out and there is precedent, over 200 years of precedent to go by. To be effective as the chief executive of the country and to be the Commander in Chief of our military you need a variety of skill sets.
President Trump has shown us that you don’t need a history of elected office in order to be effective as the President. (It is my opinion that President Trump has been very effective as President) It’s my opinion anyone with a history of elected positions is unsuited for the job.
I would rather see a candidate who has demonstrated success in a different environment before running for President. We’ve had soldiers, actors, University Presidents, and far too many politicians.
To be effective the President must be a good communicator, the skills must reach across the country and must also work one on one. The President must be persuasive, the communication must lead to gaining agreement or consensus. The President must be able to make deals, when you can’t get a full loaf accepting half a loaf or three quarters of a loaf, may get you closer to your goal depending with what you give up to get it.
Good judgement is also required, being able to see the benefits of accepting half a loaf by giving up something you hold dear and then selling that compromise to the country is important for continued success and for future advances toward achieving the whole loaf.
A solid foundation that the President believes in, that provides credibility with the people who support the President and with other world leaders. Credibility is essential for any leader especially the leader of the free world, the President of the United States is the leader of the free world. Politicians have wobbled too often to earn any real credibility. The President must be a Patriot, and man or woman who loves this country and believes in American Exceptionalism.
The President must be able to get the country to rally around the flag. The military is filled with Patriots, they put their lives at risk defending our flag, they want to follow a Patriot not a weasel with wobbly legs.
To be an effective President you need to be able to communicate and be a Patriot, you must be able to exercise good judgement and you must be able to make good deals good compromises. Success, Goals, real achievements are rarely made in one step, effective leaders must clearly communicate the goals and objectives, and express the path to achieve those goals, then make acceptable compromises along the way to keep moving forward and make steady progress. They must constantly communicate along the way and let everyone know how the goals will be achieved, the obstacles must be identified and clearly communicated. Then those obstacles must be overcome.
How many of the democratic candidates look like they fit this description of an effective world leader? I don’t think any of them do.
President Trump will be reelected by a large margin in 2020.

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The Hypocrisy of D.C.


This was contributed by my Friend Jack from Colorado


The events of the past few years have baffled, astounded and confirmed a belief for me. To be a Washington D.C. politician you must demonstrate a high degree of hypocrisy. In the past, there has always seemed to be a bit of “I’ll tell you one thing but do what my party decides” but now more than I can recollect it is all about Party with little concern about the American people. Let us consider a few points that can illuminate this idea.
During the Obama administration one of the lynch pin pieces of legislation passed by Democrats was Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act. On the cover it was a fine-looking piece of legislation that was designed to help the unfortunate few Americans that were not covered by health care. All Americans were required to carry health insurance. If you did not take any insurance, then you would be fined. The challenge for the Americans required to go on the various exchanges was two-fold; one it was expensive and too many of the insurance options were for catastrophic health insurance plans. The insurance was not usable unless my charges were above $5000 for example. So, if I’m sick with a sinus infection and need a prescription for an antibiotic, the policy didn’t allow for me to go to the doctor to get the treatment that I needed. Now let’s fast forward to recent events. These same Democrats are now proposing FREE health care for illegal immigrants. Those very same Democrats are also condemning our President’s position on illegal immigration. Many of the potential Democratic candidates for President in 2020 are proposing that we should provide free healthcare for illegals and open borders so that anyone that wants to be here is welcome. Now here is the case of hypocrisy, once upon a time, not too long ago, both President Bill Clinton and President Obama promoted stronger immigration laws during various State of the Union addresses. Their individual speeches sound almost verbatim to the speeches our President currently makes regarding immigration. To listen to the vitriol from the Democrats you would think that Hitler were re-incarnate. The current party line does not allow for any agreement to our current President therefore, rather than legislate for the American People, we legislate for Queen Nancy and Prince Chuck. Who is the victim at the end? The Illegal immigrants? No, the people that cannot afford healthcare because we are more concerned about people that want to be here illegally. There is on concern for the legal American citizen and they cannot wait to get in front of a camera to tell us how our current administration has no heart.
Let’s shift gears to gun control. We can graciously give a pass to many of our congressional leaders because of their fine work chastising Bob Mueller, AG Barr and our President because Heaven knows, there is no way our President could have been elected through a normal process. We can feel comfortable with this because the Democrats take care of us as we are not capable of deciding for ourselves, but I digress. Gun Control, it’s been a hot topic of debate for over 20 years. Many of the fine men and women sitting in our Capital in Washington D.C. have been taking care of us over this last 20 years. Many things have happened over this 20-year span, the Cubs won a World Series, 9/11, a couple of Wars, Jerusalem becomes the Capital of Israel, Osama bin Laden dies. There’s a lot. Gun Control doesn’t happen though. I know the “Congress People” are capable however they are not motivated. They talk a lot, but they never accomplish much. Now you ask where’s the hypocrisy? It sits with the fact that after 9/11, travel as we knew ceased to exist. The days of showing up to the airport 15 minutes before my plane left, was no more and carry whatever onto the plane, was no more. We had new rules and new agencies that oversaw what we previously took for granted. Why did that change? Our Congress was motivated, and they figured it out. Why did they figure it out? Because shortly after 9/11 we weren’t Democrats and Republicans, we were Americans. Our Congress People have forgotten that. They have gotten very good at pointing fingers and blaming and rabble rousing but not legislating. It’s amazing to listen to potential Democratic hopefuls’ stump on Gun Control and blame our President for his part. Here is an amazing fact. Candidates Bennet and Hickenlooper are both from Colorado where Columbine, Aurora Theater and many more school shootings have occurred over the last 20 years. Just 4 months ago the STEM School in Denver was the scene of another shooting. One would think that with so much gun violence in their own state, they would become the loudest in terms of solutions and legislation. To seek real legislation to remedy the issue of gun violence and yet nothing has occurred. The Hypocrisy is that they will and are stumping on this issue and yet they have been impotent at best with any solutions. They point their Democrat finger at our President and yet they are no where to be found regarding a solution. They have failed America and their State of Colorado. Now, let’s not forget their loyalty to Prince Chuck and Princess Nancy.
The blame is all around and in fact not one person is responsible. There is one group of people that I cannot blame and those are the Presidents that have served. Unfortunately, our Presidents receive the blame because the hypocrites must shed their responsibility and redirect the attention from themselves. The nations mass media is a complicit partner in all this non-sense. The media feeds poison to the public which is almost always delivered with an agenda that ties to one side or the other. The media is serving its tainted candy and our politicians happily distribute it like a crack dealer. Washington D.C. has become the hypocritical capitol of the planet and until the 100 Senators and 435 Representatives make the concerted decision that they are not party affiliated and they are United States citizens that have been elected by the people, for the people to perform the duties for their office, these issues are not going to be fixed. They will be passed down from this Congress to the next.

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The Left Brow Beats the NY Times

One of the most significant events of the summer happened the other day. The extreme liberals browbeat the New York Times into changing an accurate and reasonable headline because it made President Trump look reasonable and Presidential. Some of the loudest voices were from a couple of the democratic candidates running for President.
The reason this was significant was that it shows how far from reality the left has gone. Their hatred for President Trump has reached new heights, they can’t accept the truth or even a reasonable approach toward him. The New York Times as an institution didn’t have the strength of character to stand up to their readers who wanted them to distort the truth. They folded, even though their headline was accurate.

They gave in to the mob because they didn’t want to stand by their own work. Their headline was fair and accurate but they gave in to the mob anyway. Never associate the New York Times with integrity, they don’t deserve it.
President Trump faced the shootings as a President, his response was reasonable and Presidential. The left can’t accept that, they must paint President Trump as unreasonable and crazy. The left is coming to realize that President Trump will be reelected and they can’t deal with it. The candidates they have are too extreme and not dynamic enough to challenge President Trump.
President Trump is a street fighter, he will hit you and then hit you again, and then he will give you one or two low blows. He will not be politically correct. Most of the voters are opposed to political correctness themselves. When President Trump hits a low blow to his snowflake opponent, his followers will cheer him on, not throw rocks at him for standing up for himself.

The left is showing signs of losing it. They can’t accept honest reporting on President Trump. They’re starting to realize their candidates cant beat President Trump. The panic is setting in, they can’t win, they failed at beating him in the 2016 election, they failed at impeachment, and they’re starting to realize that he is going to be reelected.

Their hatred for him is blinding them to anything positive. The economy has improved, businesses are booming and hiring is up significantly. Foreign relations have improved, NATO is paying their way, North Korea is willing to talk and start engaging in dialog, no progress yet but the opportunity exists. Americans can see our Greatness returning because President Trump says it’s OK to feel exceptional and be part of the Greatest country in the world.

Since November of 2016 I knew President Trump was going to be reelected, because he’s not a politician, he’s a bull in a china cabinet, and that’s just what we needed. I’m starting to see that the left is beginning to realize that President Trump is going to be reelected as well.

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Make America Great Again

President Trump ran on the idea that America was great and has fallen a few notches but we can and must rise again and be great again. He won the election because of it.

Some people in this country have doubts about our exceptionalism, but President Trump doesn’t. He knows that we’re the home of the free and the land of the brave. We’re the policemen of the world. We’re the country that the worlds refugees come to for freedom, peace, opportunities and prosperity.

Joe and Jane Six Pack know that, you and I know that, and President Trump knows that. Almost everyone in the corrupt media, the democratic party, and the Trump haters refuse to accept it, and they’re actually ashamed of it.

Most of the refugees of the world try to come to the United States to flee oppression and poverty. Many do go to other countries but if they could come to the US they would. For many years the US was a land where the streets were paved with gold.

Opportunities for everyone existed to come here, get a job, raise a family educate your children and make a stable secure future for your family. We are a great country, we are a super power, we are a land of opportunity and we have the freedoms to do and become whatever you want.

We are a great country, we can be greater. We need political Leaders like Donald Trump. Men and women who have accomplished things in their life and want to give back to America and help us be a great as we can be.

It was never intended for politicians to be professional office holders. Public service should be where good men and women give a few years from their lives to serve their country then go back to their lives.

The Political class feels as they own the agenda and the country goes along to follow their plan, not the plan of the people and the taxpayers.

President Trump is a pathfinder, he’s breaking new ground. He’s a leader who is doing what’s best for the people, the taxpayers, not what the Political Class. The Political Class wants people they can influence in office, people they can manipulate. President Trump wants America to be Great and for the country to work for the people, not the other way around. This country was created for “We the People” not the Political Class.

No one was looking out for the best interests of the taxpayer, until President Trump came into office. That’s why we want him to stay in office.

“We the People” need him.

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Illegal Immigration

Build the Damned Wall

This means that it’s a case of immigration that violated the laws of the country you immigrated into. To legally immigrate into this country, you have to follow the laws and meet all of the requirements. The politically correct try to pass off undocumented aliens as a term for illegal immigrants but it doesn’t work, undocumented is still illegal and everyone knows it.

Full disclosure, I’m the son of an immigrant, I’m also the grandson of immigrants, my family is in this country because America offered opportunity that wasn’t available in Italy when my father came here. My father turned 21 in 1950, all he could look forward to in Italy was working on the small family farm. The farm supported the family, by producing food and a small income to provide cash to support their other needs, but it couldn’t support the extended family that the six sons and one daughter would grow into. The family dispersed, two to France, two to Canada, one to Australia and one to America and one stayed in Italy.

Through an arranged marriage my father married the daughter of an older cousin who immigrated to America, legally in the 1920s. Eighteen months passed after the wedding before my father could join his new wife, and by 1956 my father became a Naturalized Citizen.

It’s a long and difficult process to legally immigrate into this country and it should be; parts of the world suffer from poverty, socialists, dictators and war. America is a stable prosperous and safe environment to live and support a family.

Most of the people in the world want to live in America even as they hate Americans, because the streets are paved with gold. At least in France and Italy after WWII that’s what they said about America and that’s why so many people displaced by the war tried to come to America.

Look at most of the successful people in America today and you can trace back their heritage to an immigrant who arrived in this country in the not too distant past. We are a melting pot, that’s what makes us great and strong.

One big reason President Trump won the election is because he promised to build a wall between us and Mexico; to minimize illegal immigration and that appealed to many voters.

I don’t like having to press one for English, English is the native tongue in America, I don’t mind someone else having to press two if they want tin information in Spanish or a different language, but I expect it to be assumed the message is in English.

Part of the melting pot requires that you assimilate into your new country. By all means stay proud of your heritage, keep it alive and keep your customs and foods, but remember you’re now an American and embrace this country and its flag and its customs too.

There’s no way to talk about immigration and not talk about jobs. When my father came to this country and couldn’t speak the language, he got a job in a lumber yard owned by another Italian where he could load and unload building supplies for a small hourly wage and support himself, his wife, and his children.

When he outgrew that job he got a job in a plastics factory sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms until he earned a job working with fiberglass, from that job he was hired by Grumman Aerospace, where he made fiberglass parts for aircraft and the Lunar Module.

Those were good steady jobs where he was paid well, but not well enough to support his family on Long Island, he had to start a business, lawn maintenance, where he could keep his job at Grumman and supplement his income by working hard.

Look back to the early 1970s, you could buy a house for $20,000 and a year of tuition in a good school cost about $900 a semester. The transition today from unskilled labor to supporting and educating six children is impossible. Most good schools are a minimum of $20,000 a semester and that house for $20,000 in the early 70’s is around $400,000 today. Unskilled labor won’t support any of that.

Most manufacturing is more high tech than years ago; equipment, robots, electronics all allow for more technology in the manufacturing process and fewer people to perform the labor.  Unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled labor all are competing for jobs. Our citizens are raising families and we’re growing as all populations grow. We’re already competing for jobs, sometimes there are plenty of jobs to go around and sometimes they’re tight.

I focus on the unskilled labor because that’s who most of the illegal immigrants are who are trying to get into this country illegally, the unskilled. Immigrants with the right skills have several legal paths to enter the country legally

Congress is responsible for passing Immigration law, when the House of Representatives and the Senate pass a bill it goes to the President who can sign it or veto it. Both Houses of Congress can override a veto with a vote of two thirds to override the veto, it rarely happens but it’s possible. This isn’t just for Immigration Law it’s the process for all laws.

Speaking of Immigration, Congress has done its part, they passed laws and we’re enforcing the laws. The only difference now that President Trump is in office is he’s trying to make us follow the laws that are on the books. President Obama couldn’t get Congress to pass a law that he wanted to protect those impacted by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) so he tried to impact it with an executive order.

President Trump believed that The Obama executive order was wrong and it was also the wrong way to solve the problem, President Trump nullified the Obama executive order and put the burden on Congress to fix it, it’s their problem anyway. Congress has failed to fix the problem, and it doesn’t look like they’ll fix the problem because that would require each one to take a stand.

The members of congress and the senate have to keep the people who give them money happy. They get money from campaign contributions, election committees, PACs and an assortment of organizations that want a say in how they vote. You can’t take a stand on a difficult issue and keep everybody happy so they kick the can down the road.

The most recent immigration issue involves detaining children of people arrested for trying to enter the country illegally. They bring children with them because the Obama Administration trained them to do that. Judicial judgements from the past limited how long you could hold a minor and where you could hold a minor. A parent arrested for trying to illegally enter America were criminals and detained in a facility for criminals, minors couldn’t be held there so in the Obama Administration people intending to enter this country illegally brought their children with them because we wouldn’t prosecute; we let them all go free to try again in the future. The Trump administration has a zero tolerance policy with illegal immigrants so the parents are detained as criminal and the children are housed in a different facility.

As a result, in the uproar over that President Trump signed an executive order requiring the criminal adults to stay with their children but not in a criminal facility a Department of Homeland Security Facility.

That didn’t please the opposition, they wanted everybody released, they did not want the adults prosecuted. The change is they get to stay with their children until they are prosecuted.

There’re far too many conflicting interests to allow Congress to fix the problem. President Trump is stuck trying to follow the laws on the books and trying to live up to the promise he made when he ran for office, he wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

Building a wall will significantly reduce the illegal traffic across our borders, it will reduce the number of children who are brought to the border by their parents who commit a crime while they should be responsible for their children. These are the villains in that story, the parents who take children with them as they commit a crime and then leave them to the system because they have their crimes to pay for.

Middle America wants immigration controlled, not an open border where anybody can come in. We have laws and we want them followed. The opposition wants our borders to be open for a variety of reasons; some want undocumented aliens to come in and vote for democrats, some want as many people who’re running away from poverty and oppression to settle here in America and make a safe prosperous life for themselves.

Whatever the reason it must be controlled by the laws of the land. Illegal immigration impacts our budget by billions of dollars a year, it impacts our populations and our tax structure; illegal aliens can get benefits without paying taxes, that puts a drain on our revenues that must be spent on other items.

The opposition wants to blame President Trump for everything, in this case he’s trying to follow the law and keep a campaign promise, if we build the wall that will help reduce illegal immigration, let’s build the wall and get our politicians to pass a law that will satisfy everyone. I don’t think it’s possible to satisfy everyone but they can pass a law that will be workable.

Let’s stop trying to blame President Trump for trying to follow the laws of the land. The real villains are those who whine and complain about illegal immigration, they can’t be pleased or satisfied. I don’t think they want an answer that they can live with, they just want it as a club to beat up President Trump. Their unindicted coconspirator in this are all the members of congress who’re afraid to debate and vote on a law that will come closer to satisfying the needs of the country. No one wants to be held accountable, they’re afraid to take a stand!

Most of them are just elected empty suits.

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Bill Clinton and Me Too

Bill Clinton and the Me Too Movement

I’ve read several articles lately that explain how poor Bill Clinton is being hounded by his bad behavior more than 20 years ago and while he was in office. Bill Clinton is finally getting the chastising that he’s deserved for years.

It’s a shame that it took so many years for his bad behavior to be recognized for the bad behavior that it was. As it happened it was bad behavior and unacceptable to almost every person in this country.

It was news that was never reported, or it was news that was explained away as acceptable. Walking up to a stranger and slapping them is wrong, it always has been. Any sexual relationship between a married senior executive in an organization and a female who is younger and subordinate to and not the senior executive’s spouse is wrong, these things have always been wrong. Nothing has changed about the bad behavior, it’s always been wrong, but what has changed is how the news is reported.

Anita Hill was in the news in 1991 because she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. The problem was the alleged harassment occurred about ten years prior to her accusation and the witnesses and the facts didn’t all hold together for a clear picture, there were holes in the story.

This was big news and the hearings were televised and held the countries attention for about a week. Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court to replace Thurgood Marshall the first Black Justice on the Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshall was a left wing liberal and was acceptable as that, but Clarence Thomas was a right wind conservative and was not acceptable as a replacement for Thurgood Marshall.

At the time it seemed to me that ideology superseded skin color. The left was not happy that Clarence Thomas was the nominee, they were resisting his appointment. Anita Hill was either pushed into making this allegation or she felt she needed to come forward on her own, but either way she did and the whole story came out publicly.

Anita Hill’s story revealed that Clarence Thomas had discussed sexual acts in front of her, he watched sexual acts on video in front of her, there was even an incident with a Coke can and a pubic hair. Clarence Thomas also allegedly repeatedly asked Ms. Hill out during their years working together. Clarence Thomas denied the entire allegation but was eventually Confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The information and the tone of the news in 1991 was that Anita Hill was the victim and Clarence Thomas was guilty of serious bad behavior. The evidence was questionable, the accusation didn’t come in real time, the evidence came just in time to accuse a man that the left didn’t want confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Whilly, and Monica Lewinski, all made allegations against President Clinton which he quickly denied. However, the evidence backed the allegations so he had to back track his denials and eventually admit that he did have inappropriate relationships with some of them.

The media, the left, the public watchdogs, didn’t use the same tone they used for Clarence Thomas, their standard of guilt was much different for Thomas than for Clinton. The accusation was enough for Thomas to be guilty, he was wrong and Anita Hill was right. The Clinton team attacked all the accusers and made them all out to be, whores and sluts taking advantage of the President.

Bill Clinton was not wrong, he was entitled to his sexual life that was private and not public, it had nothing to do with how he did his job. Bill Clinton was acceptable, but his accusers were not.

Recently Harvey Weinstien, Kevin Spacy, Bill Cosby, and Eric Schneiderman among many others are accused of their own bad behavior. Their bad behavior goes back decades and was as deplorable when it occurred as it is deplorable today.

Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of who committed the bad behavior, the first time these people committed their bad behavior on a victim that was wrong and it was news. The media should have reported it and published it; informing the public of the very bad behavior of these public figures. None of them were too big to fail, none of them were too important to hold accountable, none of them deserved a free pass for a single act of poor judgment, especially since they all committed multiple acts.

The media let the public down because they failed to report the news that was clearly news worthy. The freedom of the press is intended for the media to watch out for the public and keep us informed of everything that’s news worthy. The serial bad behavior of people in the public eye is news and that’s what investigative reporters are supposed to pay attention to and report to the public.

Each of these people and their bad behaviors were enabled by those who failed to report it and failed to stand up to the serial molesters. As bad as their behavior was when they took advantage of other people, those who enabled them are also guilty of bad behavior; their failure to behave as they should have behaved their failure to report the story, left the door open for more victims.

Anyone who allowed that behavior to take place because the molester was too important, or too well liked, or too powerful to challenge is a low quality person who deserves the scorn of those around them.

The media is expected to speak truth to power, because that’s what freedom of the press is all about. The media is the public watchdog who keeps the people in power in check. Keep them honest by keeping us informed, tell us when they change positions on an issue, when they vote in a way different than how they said they would vote when they were elected.

We deserve to know when a big shot in the movies uses a casting couch like that was his job, we deserve to know when actors and musicians are molesting men and women for their own amusement and pleasure, we must know when politicians abuse employees professionally and sexually because they can.

The main stream media has its own agenda; they have their own narrative, they have not accepted the need for fair and balanced reporting. It’s evident in the sexual molesters that have been in the news and its especially apparent in how they are treating President Trump.

Fair and Balanced reporting in an unbiased environment, that’s their job, they aren’t doing it. As all of this unfolds in the near future, the media’s treatment of the President and the facts will be a big story of its own.

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 Credibility should be an important quality in any public figure. Whether the public figure is a mailman, a policeman, a town councilman, a mayor, or a journalist, you should have enough credibility to satisfy the public.

When an individual has credibility people believe them, when an individual has questionable credibility people don’t believe them.

Where does credibility come from? Are we born with it? Can be learn it? Can we buy it? We earn credibility over time based on how we live our lives. Life causes us to interact with people on a daily basis and that interaction causes us to earn or lose credibility. At home or at work or out with your friends you earn or lose credibility bases on how we talk to people, how we answer questions and how we do whatever it is we do to make a living.

Credibility is earned through words, deeds, and actions. As you interact with those around you, you earn a reputation for being an honest reliable person or you don’t. We all know people who are known to have credibility issues; people who promise the moon but deliver next to nothing. We also know people who are accepted as men and women who can deliver, their word is their bond. When Suzy Sunshine says it’s a don’t deal, I know it’s a done deal, she has a history of making it happen on time and within the budget. She wouldn’t say it was a done deal if she didn’t know it would happen.

When Rotten Johnnie says it’s a done deal, I’m not so sure. Rotten Johnnie has a history that shows spotty results, he’s been known to say what he thinks other people want to hear, he’s been known to stretch the truth on occasion so when he says it’s a done deal I have some doubts.

Credibility is important if you want to be an elected official, you can’t win an election if the voters don’t believe what you say. As a candidate you tell the voters that you oppose higher taxes, but last year and the year before you voted for higher taxes. Some voters would remember that and they will most likely not be fooled by you lack of credibility.

When a candidate for office says they want to control spending and reduce taxes while they’re a candidate that’s a strong reason for voters to vote for that candidate. After they get elected if they start wavering on that position, and they continue to vote for unnecessary spending that is news. The local media outlets, such as newspaper, radio, television and internet should see that as in important item and report it to the voters who expected less spending and lower taxes.

On rare occasions that will happen, but not often enough. The media picks sides. They have their own agenda. A media that was fair and impartial would report facts just as they occur. Voters would have the opportunity to look at the situation and make informed decisions. That’s what the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press was supposed to insure.

Credibility counts for everything that’s important in our lives. We have a right to the truth and the truth should be basic and bald not massaged to cloud an issue. One of the basis skills too many voters lack is comprehension. Lots of long words with obscure meaning can confuse many voters. Keep it simple and honest we deserve that.

I think two of the best things we need in the world is for every incumbent in elected office get voted out, and every news person start shoveling shit in Louisiana instead of the work they do now and new people with open minds and no agenda take over.

I know its wishful thinking but I know it will work well for us.


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Mueller vs Trump

Mueller either has something on Trump or he doesn’t. If he has something on Trump it’s either big or it’s small. That’s basically all there is to this story.

Trump knows if he and his campaign were guilty of collusion or anything dirty with Russia, or anyone else, to unlawfully cheat Hillary out of the election. Trump can be certain if it’s possible for Mueller to have something big on him, if Trump didn’t do anything it’s not possible for Mueller to have anything big on Trump. Mueller and his team, even with the corrupt media, can’t create anything big on Trump that will stick if it’s created from nothing.

Trump can’t be certain if Mueller has something small on him, because something small and immaterial can be twisted into some sort of offense. Something small that can be real or imagined can be shined up and held for public consumption as a small crime or misdemeanor worthy of impeachment. Mueller needs an impeachment to enhance his own credibility. Mueller and his team can find a crumb and serve it up to the world as a three curse meal and then blame Trump for subverting justice.

Trump and Giuliani are starting to play hardball with Mueller. Up until recently Mueller has been the David that the left and the democrats depended on to take down Goliath. Now the tide is turning, Trump, with Giuliani’s help is becoming Hercules, ready to accomplish the twelve labors.

Trump is standing before the world saying,” Come and get me! Take your best shot” and Mueller is standing in the background thinking whatever he’s thinking.

I don’t know what he has but I’m certain that it’s not anything of substance, Trump didn’t need help to win, and he wouldn’t have exposed himself so badly to any partner especially a partner like Putin. It’s unlikely in the extreme that Mueller has or can get anything of substance on Trump. If he did, it would have leaked, it always leaks.

Mueller may or may not have something small that they can use to have the effect they want. If they really did want to interview the President and if the questions they leaked to the press are true, then they’re hoping to charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice. The best this would get them is a weak case with little substance and a lot of questionable areas that won’t lead anywhere, even if the democrats do win the House in November and that’s more and more unlikely every day, the Obstruction of Justice charge would be far too weak to have any impact.

Trump and Giuliani are taking the lead, this is their challenge to Mueller, come after us or back down. Mueller is no longer David challenging Goliath with a sling shot and a rock, Mueller is now Barney Fife trying to find a bank robber.

Many on the left and the democrats still believe that the only way Trump cold have won was to cheat, they’re convinced that Hillary should have been President and she was cheated. Some on the left set up the bogus dossier as a tool to cheat Trump out of the election and insure that Hillary won. Many on the left believe the dossier is real and that it should be used to hurt Trump.

I believe that dossier was created to be used to damage the Trump campaign, but it never got any traction because it was too over the top and could not be confirmed. Now it’s an albatross around the democrats and Hillary’s necks causing more damage than good for their cause.

The facts and the timelines are coming out now showing that the investigation / spying / confidential informants, started from these fake documents, the entire Russian Collusion story was a sham, it all started from a false set of facts.

Mueller and his team must know this by now, their investigation had to discover this early. The Russian Collusion myth was a dead end early in the investigation, their continued investigation is not to seek justice but to find something they can hang Trump with.

Mueller has a very weak hand and can’t go forward with Trump and Giuliani promising to fight hard against any push Mueller tries. Knowing that he will have to support his efforts in a court while Trump and Giuliani are publicly fighting hard against him Mueller will have to have something with substance. Mueller is trying to run out the clock, he keeps digging to find the pig that he can apply some lipstick to.

At a point in time they reached the end of the trail where the evidence and the leads brought them. After that they started turning over stones looking for something, anything that would be useful.

It’s time to play hardball, Trump and Giuliani are both experienced and good at it. Mueller and his team are not.

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