New York Governor Tries

New York Governor Tries

In a surprise development New York’s accidental governor is doing something right. As usual the state is in a deep hole financially, and the legislative incompetents have again, still failed to pass a budget. The governor who has distinguished himself through poor choices, bad decisions, and a serious lack of any marketable skills did something right. The hocus pocus that they use to authorize the pilferage and misuse of our public piggy bank requires them to vote and agree to this mismanagement. The elected incompetent must vote for it and they have to all agree to it, because no vote, no paychecks. We know that these fools aren’t up there for the fine dining and livestock of easy virtue available in Albany. They’re there for the money, some of it is actually earned from their position as the elected empty suits representing New Yorkers, but some of it comes to them through some other more creative means.
The accidental governor must have gained some intestinal fortitude from the legitimately elected Governor from a neighboring state who is leading his state through a serious financial crisis. (I never thought I would have to be jealous of New Jersey, but I really really am). Our accidental governor tied a mandatory one day a week furlough to the emergency spending bill. As these elected empty suits put one hand forward to collect the only legitimate income they can report to the IRS they also have to agree to disappoint their owners and operators who tell them what to do on a daily basis. I don’t think they actually passed a law yet prohibiting any fiscal responsibility in the state of New York, but they act as if there is a law that must not be violated. The puppeteers are frustrated and annoyed that a marginally elected empty suit, New York State’s accidental governor, can cause something to happen that they can’t control.
The result of the legislative idiots not passing this legislation would be the shutdown of non essential services in the state. Please don’t tease me! Shut down non essential services, how can you tell? First how can you tell they were shut down, except they would piss away less money, second other than the waste of money we can’t tell when they’re working. In the unlikely event that they showed up on time and did their job, whatever the job is would mostly be nonessential. Do it or don’t do it, it provides very little value added to the well being of the tax payers.
Force almost any State or Local government to cut staff by 50% and the budget by 60% and still make the state function, and all of its citizen will be much happier. What a statement that is, the purpose for your existence wouldn’t miss you if you weren’t there. Do the elected empty suits, their handlers, or the state employees themselves realize how fragile their job security is? They provide a service or function that’s not essential and they’re in an economy with financial issues. Hopefully we start to hire (elect) smart people who know which way is up and how to balance a check book.
The silly bastards may pass a law preventing us from analyzing their jobs and making decisions on how necessary they are when the books must balance. They are arrogant enough to try that.
Could we really make them only spend what they have after they reduce our taxes?
You’re damned right we can and we are starting this November.

Vote the Bums Out,


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