Intervention For Politicians

Intervention For Politicians

Some families have a loved one who due to unfortunate circumstances find themselves in a situation where they need some serious help. A family member may have a drinking or a drug problem that’s out of control, but the loved one can still be saved. You still love the family member who has made some poor choices and needs help. An intervention is where a group of loved ones gather together and confront the loved one who lost their way and present some clear alternatives to the wayward child.

This has often been effective because the wayward child knows they’re loved. They can see you want to help them and you are confronting them face to face with a reality they have been trying to deny. A successful intervention requires a great deal of sacrifice and hard work by everyone involved. One big element to the success is the ability to forgive.

As we start to discuss the possibility of a successful intervention with one or more of our elected hooligans we have to accept the fact that the lying thieving son of a bitch was never loved by anything who didn’t pay for the privilege. We all genuinely hope they choke on their own greed and lust for power. Failure is not only an option it’s the goal of this intervention. Make the thieving weasel understand how they betrayed those who elected the thief into office.

With all of the love in our hearts how can we conduct the right kind of intervention for our own personal elected empty suit. I think the first step is to make contact through the mail or through emails and express our displeasure in a meaningful way. Use the versatility of the English language to show how disappointed we are with them in their ability to take a good civil service job with very low expectations and fail to crawl under the bar of marginal performance. 99.9% of the elected thieves would have to significantly improve to be measured as a dismal failure in their job.

In the real world they would have been fired for the kind of performance we get out of them. They refuse to attempt to accomplish anything they campaigned on, because that was not the intention of their campaign promises. They told us what we wanted to hear to get us to vote for them, they never intended to accomplish or even attempt any of what they promised, why should they we knew they were lying when they promised us.

We all learned this technique in High School in the back seat of a car. He attempted to say the things she wanted to hear to get her to give him what he wanted. She knew he didn’t mean what he was promising, and she couldn’t possibly have expected him to live up to the crap that was coming out of his mouth. This is called the modern day mating ritual. We carry these techniques into adulthood.

Once we make contact with the lying weasel and let them know how they’ve disappointed us, we all must record their names in some prominent way. Because the next time we have an election we must all remember the lying weasel’s name and intervene him or her right out of office. But we must make sure we do it with all of the love we could find for our wayward child who needs a helping hand.

They need to be confronted by the ones who love them, we must love them we keep voting them into office. Now is the time to give them some tough love, in the form of unemployment. In this tough economy they should have the opportunity to find a new job using their skills learned while feeding from the public trough. Perhaps a job as a magician, who makes things appear to be something they’re not. Or a pick pocket, not that we need them, but that’s one of the skills they learned in office. Town drunk is another skill they’ve developed in office and Lord knows we need more of those, unfortunately once out of office they’ll have to find someone else (other than the public piggy bank) to pay for their adult beverages. We could let some become serial fornicators, not that we need any more sneaking around the neighborhood, but it appears to be a skill they picked up in office.

So if you love your own personal elected empty suit, show them some tough love and intervene them out of our pockets this coming fall.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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