NFL and Trump

NFL Protests and President Trump 

Too many people in this country today can’t see what’s in front of them. Millionaire athletes making a social protest during the National Anthem has angered President Trump. President Trump sees the protests as a disrespectful gesture to the men and women he sends into harm’s way to defend this great country. 

President Trump isn’t shy about expressing his displeasure with their behavior; the behavior of spoiled over paid athletes. His goal, his purpose for running for office was to Make America Great Again. Taking a knee or sitting out the National Anthem won’t make America Great again. 

The athletes are trying to express their outrage over social injustice. They have every right to express their opinion how and when they want. One element that makes America Great is Our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. They have the right to protest, but their protests may have consequences. 

The Main Stream Media, Hollywood, democrats, republicans, snowflakes, teachers, liberals of all kinds choose to stand with the athletes to make their opinion known. They see that the protest is righteous and good because it shows the unfair treatment different people receive in this country. They are committed to their stand with the athletes because President Trump is outraged by their protest. When Trump is for it they must be against it. 

They accuse President Trump of being a racist or a Nazi sympathizer because his views are different than theirs. President Trump has the audacity to have his own opinion that strays from their politically correct positions so he must be wrong and evil. President Trump was wrongly elected to the office of President so he must be wrong, bad, and evil. Hillary won the popular vote and should have won. Trump cheated and he’s still evil. 

I’m not one of them. I don’t think President Trump is evil, racist, or wrong. There are 3141 counties in the United States, President Trump won 3084 counties, he only lost 57 to Hillary; in New York State alone there are 62 counties and President Trump won 46 and lost 16. Hillary received more than 2 million votes more than President Trump did in New York City. The support for Hillary was concentrated in a few urban areas, not across the country. 

The Main Stream Media, Hollywood, democrats, republicans, snowflakes, teachers, liberals of all kinds are all one form of snowflake or another and they are really a small group of people without a long reach.

The snowflakes are not America; the snowflakes are not what makes this country great. This country is great in spite of the snowflakes. 

Look at every rally President Trump holds, large crowds of people cheering and rooting for the president, they want America to be great again, they want President Trump to lead us to greatness.

The man and woman in the street, the men and women in 3084 counties want us to be great again. 

When the snowflakes tell the athletes it’s OK to disrespect the flag or the National Anthem, and when the President says those who are showing this disrespect to the men and women he sends into harm’s way are SOBs whose side do you think the men and women in 3084 counties is going to side with? The snowflakes or President Trump? 

How many unhappy football fans will it take to significantly dig a hole for the team owners who took a stand against President Trump, against the men and women in the street? A ten percent hit each week will effectively kill the goose that laid the golden egg, and I suspect the hit will be much worse than ten percent. 

President Trump is rude crude and occasionally socially unacceptable, but he’s a patriot and he loves this country. Snowflakes are snowflakes, I wouldn’t follow any of them out of a burning building.

Professional football runs on money, profit, the free market economy. Football players, team owners, and snowflakes took a stand and they’re standing with the spoiled athletes, not with President Trump. 

The men and women of 3084 counties are choosing up sides now. How many will not go to a game, or watch a game on TV, or support Professional football in any way. 

Its already had an impact, September 24 Sunday Night Football was down ten percent. The snowflakes have no idea how well liked and respected President Trump is, they have no idea what the men and women in the streets care about. 

Veterans alone will show their displeasure with anyone showing disrespect to the flag or National Anthem, we have millions of men and women who have served this country in uniform and we’re not happy!

Millions of men and women in this country never put on a uniform but they are as patriotic as the veterans, they will not stand with the millionaire athletes or the team owners, they will stand with President Trump. They do stand with President Trump.

Depending on what happens to attendance, and to viewership will determine the end of this story. Professional Football is a business that depends on a customer base.


· The millionaire athletes are paid well because of the money their customer base spends on tickets, merchandise and viewing the games on TV.

· The billionaire owners live their lifestyle because of the money spent by their customer base to support their team.

· The owners and the athletes just spit in the eye of a large segment of their customer base. 

Only time will tell what will happen. I believe President Trump is on the right side of this argument. I believe that the stands will have quite a few empty seats, I believe many people who watched games on TV will find other ways to pass their time. I believe many people who bought merchandise to show support for their teams will choose to spend their money in different ways that will not benefit the NFL 

If I’m right, you’ll see the team owners back pedal away from their position.

Everyone has the right to protest and express their opinion. When you’re so tone deaf to spit in someone else’s eye while you make your protest, you must be prepared for some blow back. For those who have decided that this is an argument about race, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is solely, and completely about Patriotism, Service, and Sacrifice. Regardless of the merits of the protest, the result is the protests disrespect the flag, the nation and the men and women who sacrificed their lives defending freedom.

America doesn’t like that!!!!



About gino984

A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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4 Responses to NFL and Trump

  1. I liked this post not sure why. I liked your football stance but could never agree about your views of that thing in the Oval Office. But I will say in my experience it is rare to find a Republican (assuming you are) who is able to articulate themselves in a clear demonstrative way, and whilst I am what you would class liberal (although I vote conservative) I am always open to all opinions as long as they are expressed in a full well thought out way instead of a sound bite.
    So thank you for the read.

    • gino984 says:

      Thank you for your comment! I think President Trump has a clear understanding of where America is in terms of values and opinions! I think the left is clueless. They live in a bubble and assume everyone thinks like them! We don’t! The flag and Patriotism are far more important to us than they than they believe

  2. Ahhh the debates we could have! 😃

    • gino984 says:

      Please feel free to post your position and I will gladly respond! We may never agree but we could have an excellent time going back and forth! We can butt head with ideas as long as we avoid the anger and animosity

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