Where’s the Beef?

We finally have indictments. Manafort and his partner are charged with playing games with money with some Russian involvement but it all happened before 2016. 

None of this leads to collusion. The only hope they have is to use these indictments to get them to rat out President Trump! That’s their only play.

Now to rat him out there has to be a crime committed, if there was wouldn’t we have heard about it by now? 

Everybody and their sister was digging into the Trump Campaign to prove he cheated Hillary out of her turn in the Oval Office. 

The FBI, all the intelligence agencies, all of the Main Stream Media searching digging and hoping to be the first to frog walk President Trump out of Office! 

If it were true the Russians he dealt with would sell him out for chump change!

If President Trump did colude with the Russians the evidence would be public by now! 

To believe there is evidence that can prove he colluded with Russians is foolish, if it were true it would have surfaced by now! 

When the next indictments are released we will see the the same scenario, a third party getting squeezed to rat out President Trump. Mueller is and will be shooting blanks! 

The other person involved was  Papadopoulos he was an unpaid volunteer who was trying to be a significant player on the foreign policy team! He was indicted for lying to the FBI. He attempted to set up communications with Russians to get dirt on Hillary and reported to significant members of the campaign. 

Nothing came of his attempts the actions were legal his offense was lying about them!

None of this points to collusion! More blanks!

Future indictments will be more of the same! 

About gino984

A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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