The End of the Main Stream Media


We have the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press in this country, our Founding Fathers built them into our Constitution. Every one of us has the right to speak our minds regardless of our content, and the media is free to report the facts as they occur. Our free press and our media are the public watchdog, intended to speak truth to power to keep our government in check.
When the President says you can keep your health insurance if you like it, but the legislation doesn’t support that, the media is free to challenge the President on that statement. They’re free to inform the voters that the President is lying or at least misrepresenting the facts.
To do that the media must be looking for the truth, they must fact check the President and understand the legislation, then report what they find because they want the public to know the truth.
When the President makes a statement after two mass shootings in a week and the New York Times Publishes an accurate headline “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM” but then changes it after complaints from the rest of the media and democratic politicians, then they’re no longer serving as the public watchdog, they’re no longer interested in the truth.
The public watchdog is there to protect the public from the abuse of power by government. Unless the public watchdog has its own agenda and its own narrative, then they no longer serve as the public watchdog.
Too many people in this country don’t know the truth about current events. Too many have no idea what’s happened in the past, they don’t know the history of this country. The media misrepresents or colors actual events to match their narrative. They frequently fail to report facts that don’t fit in with their narrative. They always report the story in a way to insure that it matches their narrative. We’re forced to accept the main stream media’s narrative instead of the facts.
Some of us use multiple sources to gather the news, we see multiple points of view, we want to learn the truth, so we seek it out. Too many voters don’t do that, too many voters take the word of the main stream media and accept their version as the truth. Not the facts, but the media’s narrative.
The media and the left perpetuate their version of events at the expense of the truth. Examples of this are the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO by Officer Darren Wilson, The events in Charlottesville in August of 2017, and The entire Russia Collusion story, including the involvement of the FBI and the DOJ in perpetuating the Steele Dossier.
The Obama Justice Department investigated the shooting and cleared Officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing. Michael Brown’s hands were not up he was reaching into the car and reaching for Officer Wilson’s weapon. The witnesses were lying about seeing Michael Brown with his hands up saying “Don’t shoot”. Forensics prove the shots were fired up close and the wounds also prove that Mr. Brown’s hands were not up.
Forensic Science proves the facts, there is no judgment call. Officer Wilson made his report and the science backed up his statement. The entire Black Lives Matter movement sprang to life based on this false narrative, the left and media continue to perpetuate the lies.
Michael Brown was not murdered, he was killed in a police shooting because he was violent and attacking Officer Wilson. A Grand Jury cleared officer Brown of any wrongdoing. The justice system worked, that doesn’t agree with he media’s agenda so they continue to misrepresent the facts.
Democratic candidates are using this “murder” in their campaigns and the media is not challenging them for their lies and misrepresentations.

Charlottesville is another example of the media and the left misrepresenting the facts to bolster their narrative. There was a “Unite the Right” rally scheduled for that day, they applied for permits and planned a peaceful rally protesting the name change of a couple of parks and the removal of statues. They were protesting the decision to rename Lee Park to Emancipation Park and to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee. They were also protesting the decision to rename Jackson Park (named after Stonewall Jackson) to Justice Park. These parks are within two blocks of each other in Charlottesville.
They applied for and were granted permits to protest, they had the right to protest, they have the right to free speech even if most people are offended by their speech they have the right to speak it.
Antifa was there to protest the protesters, they were there to shut down Unite the Right’s freedom of speech. Law Enforcement failed that day, they were responsible for maintaining the peace, but they allowed Antifa to get close enough to Unite the Right and then violence broke out on both sides. Six were injured and one was killed as a result.
President Trump condemned the violence on both sides, he praised the good people on both sides, but the media wouldn’t accept that, by not singling out the right culprit according to the left and the media that meant the President condoned and agreed with the hate speech Unite the Right was speaking.
The President never condoned or agreed with the hate speech, but he has been condemned for it because the left and the media will not accept anything he does, he must always be portrayed as a racist and a hate monger. The media continues to misrepresent the facts of that incident. Too many people in this country believe what the media reports and do not know the facts.
The Mueller Report cleared President Trump of working with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The Mueller Report left a cloud hanging about the Obstruction of Justice. They say they could not exonerate the President on that charge. There was no original crime, there could not be an obstruction.
Mr. Mueller was not there to exonerate anyone, he was there to investigate and report his findings and bring indictments if he discovered crimes were committed. He found nothing, the indictments were for process crimes or crimes unrelated to the incidents he was investigating.
Prosecutors do not exonerate anyone, that’s not part of the process it had no place in the Mueller report but the lynch mob that was Mueller’s team put it there because they had no crimes to charge him with. The media should have challenged that but they failed to.
Mr. Mueller never reported on the Steele Dossier, paid for by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Campaign and spoon fed to the FBI, the State Department, and Justice Departments by a senior Justice employee Bruce Ohr whose wife worked for Steele.
The DOJ Inspector General’s report is coming out, the investigation that Attorney General Barr has initiated will reveal a lot of dirt on the Obama Administration and will in many ways support President Trumps accusation that it was a witch hunt.
The media is ignoring the facts because they don’t follow their narrative. Soon they’ll be forced to report some uncomfortable indictments that they won’t want to report but will have to.
We no longer have a public watchdog who speaks truth to power, we have an opponent of the President, they will down play any good news or fail to report it, they will color the facts to present the President in a bad light, they will push their narrative and ignore the truth.
History will record these last years a the decline of the main stream media. They fell because they abandoned the truth. They gave up the desire to be fair. They abandoned their ethics.
They decided that the voters made a bad choice by voting for President Trump so they were going to do their best to undo the election. All they are going to accomplish is increase his margin of victory in 2020.

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