Political Correctness

The controversy surrounding NFL players taking a knee to express their outrage over racial injustice in this country has morphed into protests of President Trump. The left and especially the media have redefined what they believe that the line is for social outrage.
The concept of political correctness was a positive thing at one time but now has gotten out of hand. The anger and hatred of President Trump is fueled because of his contempt for this concept. President Trump holds the media in contempt and this angers the members of the media so they are always desperate to make him look bad.
Men and women in government, politicians, Hollywood, and snowflakes of all stripes have traditionally kowtowed to the left and their rules on political correctness, but President Trump refuses and that angers them even more.
When social convention caused us to stop using the term midget and start using “Little People” that was acceptable, when social convention stopped us from saying Black and start saying “African American” that was also acceptable, but when we stopped saying illegal alien and started saying “Undocumented Alien” then we started to cross a line.
The left has infiltrated the school systems to a point where college students have to have safe places to compose themselves after they are assaulted with micro aggressions. College Campuses refuse to have speakers come in to speak about anything that does not follow the approved narrative, usually anything that is far left of center.
President Trump’s campaign theme was to “Make America Great Again” and the most popular symbol of that theme was a red baseball hat with “Make America Great Again” printed in white across the front. That hat drives college students mad with rage because they associate it with racial injustice, prejudice, and genocide.
The left and the snowflakes who are a result of the left, are convinced that President Trump is a racist because he wants to build a wall and wants the country to enforce immigration laws. That’s what qualifies as being a racist today. There are no facts or history of racist behavior on President Trump’s part, just the classification by the left that he is a racist. No one can point out actions that are consistent with racism from President Trump.
President Trump is not the smooth polished politician who was groomed to play nice with the snowflakes of the world. He’s rude, crude, and at times a socially unacceptable man who gets things done. He’s not a saint, he has been a wealthy man all his life and he lives a good life.
He’s gone through several wives and he’s done some things he would regret if they became public, but so have we all. He is in many ways just one of the boys. Even in this politically correct environment, that’s a good thing. He’s the kind of man we can trust. He attacks the media that we don’t like or trust, and whenever he does we like him more.
Kneeling during the National Anthem is exactly like waving a red flag waved in front of bull. The bull becomes enraged. It doesn’t matter why the flag was waved it’s a gut reaction by the bull. The intended social protest is drowned out by the disrespect and insult to the service and sacrifice of Patriots throughout history who have fought and died for our flag.
Freedom of speech protects their right to protest, but there is nothing to guarantee that the public will receive their protest and they intended. Large groups of citizens and football fans discount their protest and only see disrespect. Those offended by their protest also realize the overpaid football players are getting rich because of the money the Patriots spend on the NFL.
Since the protests have morphed into being anti Trump, the protests have failed. The snowflakes in the media, the prima donna athletes and the cowardly NFL owners threw a pebble at an armored vehicle and hoped to wound it. Not realizing that their protests were the equivalent of a pebble and President Trump is the armored vehicle. President Trump understands where the country is in terms of Patriotism and Pride; the media and the snowflakes do not.
Political correctness has gone too far, President Trump has little respect for the media and the snowflakes, the snowflakes including the media have no idea how far from mainstream their points of views are. That’s why President Trump is President today, the media has gone too far off the reservation.
President Trump is the armored vehicle with a mission and the resources to accomplish the mission. The prima donna athletes and all of the snowflakes who pile on are a pissed off spoiled child throwing a tantrum that pisses off his parents. They will wind up being sent to their room without their allowance.
Trump wins again.


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Trump is a Turning Point

History is going to record President Trump as a turning point in this country. President Trump is a force for what’s right and for what most of us believe. 

The media, the left, Hollywood and all of the snowflakes have created, in their own minds, where the boundaries are. College campuses have created safe spaces for the soft and sensitive where they can lay down and color in a coloring book after being overwhelmed by an opinion that disagrees with their opinion.

The snowflakes have decided that any comment about anything that come close to someone of a different race is a racist statement. The snowflakes are trying to redefine morality in this country, they’re trying to redefine what’s right and what’s wrong. 

President Trump holds them all in contempt, he shows them for what they are, impotent wind bags, complaining about the placement of the deck chairs while the Titanic is sinking. 

The snowflakes are far left of center; they have no idea how far left of center they are. President Trump is much closer to the center and he has a clear understanding of where America is, what’s important to Americans. 

The NFL protest issue couldn’t be a clearer example of the difference between the snowflakes and the President. The social injustice that the players believe they are protesting for are completely overwhelmed by the disrespect to the flag and the National Anthem. To carry this even further, this touches on the service of veterans throughout history and the service members defending our country today.

The snowflakes and the players have no clue what’s important to the country, they hate the flag, they hate the military and they hate President Trump. They don’t understand Patriotism, they don’t understand Duty, Honor, Country. They have no clue what it means to take an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic, we take that oath in our youth and live up to it into our graves. There’re millions of men and women in this  country who have never taken that oath but respect it and believe it with all their hearts. 

There is no cause significant enough, no cause great enough that would excuse the disrespect to the flag and to the National Anthem. We all associate their disrespect to the National Anthem as disrespect to all of the service men and women who have given their lives to defend our freedom.

I’m sure that’s not their intention, their intention is to show their displeasure with social injustice, but the way they’re showing their displeasure is a red flag in the face of the average man and woman in this country. They’re all clueless as to who and what this country is made of.

President Trump understands this and President Trump is rubbing their impotence in their face.



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NFL and Trump

NFL Protests and President Trump 

Too many people in this country today can’t see what’s in front of them. Millionaire athletes making a social protest during the National Anthem has angered President Trump. President Trump sees the protests as a disrespectful gesture to the men and women he sends into harm’s way to defend this great country. 

President Trump isn’t shy about expressing his displeasure with their behavior; the behavior of spoiled over paid athletes. His goal, his purpose for running for office was to Make America Great Again. Taking a knee or sitting out the National Anthem won’t make America Great again. 

The athletes are trying to express their outrage over social injustice. They have every right to express their opinion how and when they want. One element that makes America Great is Our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. They have the right to protest, but their protests may have consequences. 

The Main Stream Media, Hollywood, democrats, republicans, snowflakes, teachers, liberals of all kinds choose to stand with the athletes to make their opinion known. They see that the protest is righteous and good because it shows the unfair treatment different people receive in this country. They are committed to their stand with the athletes because President Trump is outraged by their protest. When Trump is for it they must be against it. 

They accuse President Trump of being a racist or a Nazi sympathizer because his views are different than theirs. President Trump has the audacity to have his own opinion that strays from their politically correct positions so he must be wrong and evil. President Trump was wrongly elected to the office of President so he must be wrong, bad, and evil. Hillary won the popular vote and should have won. Trump cheated and he’s still evil. 

I’m not one of them. I don’t think President Trump is evil, racist, or wrong. There are 3141 counties in the United States, President Trump won 3084 counties, he only lost 57 to Hillary; in New York State alone there are 62 counties and President Trump won 46 and lost 16. Hillary received more than 2 million votes more than President Trump did in New York City. The support for Hillary was concentrated in a few urban areas, not across the country. 

The Main Stream Media, Hollywood, democrats, republicans, snowflakes, teachers, liberals of all kinds are all one form of snowflake or another and they are really a small group of people without a long reach.

The snowflakes are not America; the snowflakes are not what makes this country great. This country is great in spite of the snowflakes. 

Look at every rally President Trump holds, large crowds of people cheering and rooting for the president, they want America to be great again, they want President Trump to lead us to greatness.

The man and woman in the street, the men and women in 3084 counties want us to be great again. 

When the snowflakes tell the athletes it’s OK to disrespect the flag or the National Anthem, and when the President says those who are showing this disrespect to the men and women he sends into harm’s way are SOBs whose side do you think the men and women in 3084 counties is going to side with? The snowflakes or President Trump? 

How many unhappy football fans will it take to significantly dig a hole for the team owners who took a stand against President Trump, against the men and women in the street? A ten percent hit each week will effectively kill the goose that laid the golden egg, and I suspect the hit will be much worse than ten percent. 

President Trump is rude crude and occasionally socially unacceptable, but he’s a patriot and he loves this country. Snowflakes are snowflakes, I wouldn’t follow any of them out of a burning building.

Professional football runs on money, profit, the free market economy. Football players, team owners, and snowflakes took a stand and they’re standing with the spoiled athletes, not with President Trump. 

The men and women of 3084 counties are choosing up sides now. How many will not go to a game, or watch a game on TV, or support Professional football in any way. 

Its already had an impact, September 24 Sunday Night Football was down ten percent. The snowflakes have no idea how well liked and respected President Trump is, they have no idea what the men and women in the streets care about. 

Veterans alone will show their displeasure with anyone showing disrespect to the flag or National Anthem, we have millions of men and women who have served this country in uniform and we’re not happy!

Millions of men and women in this country never put on a uniform but they are as patriotic as the veterans, they will not stand with the millionaire athletes or the team owners, they will stand with President Trump. They do stand with President Trump.

Depending on what happens to attendance, and to viewership will determine the end of this story. Professional Football is a business that depends on a customer base.


· The millionaire athletes are paid well because of the money their customer base spends on tickets, merchandise and viewing the games on TV.

· The billionaire owners live their lifestyle because of the money spent by their customer base to support their team.

· The owners and the athletes just spit in the eye of a large segment of their customer base. 

Only time will tell what will happen. I believe President Trump is on the right side of this argument. I believe that the stands will have quite a few empty seats, I believe many people who watched games on TV will find other ways to pass their time. I believe many people who bought merchandise to show support for their teams will choose to spend their money in different ways that will not benefit the NFL 

If I’m right, you’ll see the team owners back pedal away from their position.

Everyone has the right to protest and express their opinion. When you’re so tone deaf to spit in someone else’s eye while you make your protest, you must be prepared for some blow back. For those who have decided that this is an argument about race, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is solely, and completely about Patriotism, Service, and Sacrifice. Regardless of the merits of the protest, the result is the protests disrespect the flag, the nation and the men and women who sacrificed their lives defending freedom.

America doesn’t like that!!!!



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NFL Protests

Protests and the NFL 

Starting last season football players started to protest during the National Anthem. They have every right to do this, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression exists for all of us.

There is a question about timing. As professional football players they are on the clock during the National Anthem, so their employers do have some say about their protests. 

This issue is not about race! Race is an element, a significant element behind the protests themselves, but their protests are a slap at patriotism, service and sacrifice. I believe the protestors are making a statement about race relations in this country and they have every right to do so, but their protests are a slap at patriotism and service, not about race.

I may want to protest the ACME Widget Company because they’re guilty of exploiting child labor however, my job requires me to be at work during the planned protest and my employer wants me to be present doing my job during the protest, so if I can’t get excused time off to take care of my personal business, protesting ACME, I must be at work doing my job.

A police officer might want to also show their displeasure with the ACME Widget Company by wearing a purple protest ribbon to show support for the protest of ACME. The Police Department has a uniform policy that prevents the wearing of any ribbons or buttons that shows support or opposition of any cause. 

Many organizations have work rules and policies that govern the behavior of their employees. As an employee we represent our employers so they do have some say about our conduct while on the clock. This does not hinder or block an individual’s Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression, it just limits when you get the opportunity to express your position.

Football team owners have the right to set the standards for the performance of their players on the field. Last year the protests during the National Anthem had an impact on the profits of professional football. Ticket sales and viewership were down, that will impact the bottom line, and the bottom line is where the protestors million dollar salaries come from.

The Patriotic hard working public who spend the money that supports professional football, don’t want to see millionaires who play a game disrespect the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who risk their life to defend Freedom around the world. Joe Six-Pack doesn’t want to see a millionaire fail to show respect for the flag when we have millions of men and women who risk their lives daily to enforce the law, fight the fires, and respond to medical emergencies every day all over this country.

Actions have consequences. Players have the right to protest and express themselves, but the fans have the right to react to their protests. Last year the protests were on a smaller scale; this year they are on a much larger scale. Last year’s small protests had a significant impact on the bottom line, let’s see how much of a hole the bottom line takes this year. 

Here’s my summary, men who make millions of dollars to play a game are protesting social injustice. The form of protest they have chosen is offensive to millions of sports fans. Their form of protest is perceived as a lack of appreciation and a lack of respect for the young men and women who put on a uniform and place their lives at risk to defend freedom. Their form of protest shows a lack of understanding of the commitment and service millions of police, fire and EMT men and women who serve this country daily.

Millions of men and women may choose to turn off the football games in favor of other entertainment choices because of the player’s protests. The players are free to protest, but I’m free to object to their protest. The net result of this may be a significant negative impact to the money that professional football earns this season.

My position is clear; I stand with the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who wear a uniform to defend our country, I respect the player’s right to protest, but I object to the time and place of their protests. I will not support professional football; not today, not tomorrow not in the future, the owners made a choice and it think they made a bad choice.


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All of a sudden President Trump isn’t an Idiot, or a Racist, or a Misogynist?

Suddenly some in the media, not all just some, are grudgingly admitting that President Trump is adequately dealing with the crises in Texas and Florida. President Trump went to the scene and displayed strong leadership, he was there, he saw for himself the actions taken on the ground, he participated, even if it was primarily as a photo op, in the distribution of food and supplies and he brought a sense of competence to the government’s aid to those in need. 
President Trump also made a deal with the democrats to raise the debt ceiling and to approve money to help Texas get past the damage done by the hurricane. We now may need more money to help Florida out.

President Trump cut a deal with the democrats and got what he wanted, the republicans were angered that the president went around them. The president is looking for results, not politics, he knows you have to give a little to get a little. The democrats on their own can’t accomplish anything, the republicans on their own can’t accomplish anything even with their majority in both houses.

The President is a deal maker; he can get things approved with help from both sides. He may not get what he promised, but he can start the ball rolling in the direction he promised by getting some of what he wants and giving up a little of this or a little of that.

The media is grudgingly not condemning him for his actions in Texas or his deal with the democrats. The media has been punching, kicking, and biting at the President since last November when he won the election. They’re tired of punching like a punch drunk boxer and their audience is tired of their cheap shots and low blows.

The media’s credibility is shot, what they say has little impact any more. They don’t know how to condemn him for doing the right thing in a national emergency such as what we saw in Texas and what we will see in Florida over the next couple of weeks.

The media was a joke last November and they’ve fallen even lower with their unethical and pitiful attempts to condemn the President since.

Some of President Trump’s actions and decisions since last November have been commendable, some have been questionable and some have been stupid, but all in all he’s done an excellent job in spite of the media and democrats and even republicans taking constant cheap shots at him.

Maybe we’re at a turning point in his administration, not that he’s gotten any better, but that the cheap shots have slowed down because they have little to no effect. 

Maybe because the media can’t hide his performance from the public with social media and the obvious performance that’s visible from the video of him in Texas doing what he does in a way that can’t be covered up by using the word ‘Russia’.

Trump today is the same Trump that we saw last November. The media is a joke and has little impact on what the public thinks. Trump is still standing and the media has dropped to their knees from fatigue and a lack of credibility.

The successful deal with the democrats is a new tactic that can be a very effective tool for the President. The republicans have shown themselves as ineffective by themselves, but there are enough republicans and democrats that can become a majority for the right legislation that can be passed with the leadership of the President. 

That’s why I voted for him and that’s why a lot of other people voted for him too. Trump doesn’t follow the rules, but then who said the rules were right to begin with? 

I’ll take a failed businessman over a successful politician in public office any day, and President Trump is a successful businessman so we are that much better off.


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The Dreamers

Let’s Talk about the Dreamers. 

Illegal immigrants who came to this country illegally over the years were illegal immigrants, not Undocumented Aliens, they committed a crime by coming here illegally. The children they brought with them were also illegal immigrants. 

President Obama used an executive Order to defer deportation and offer work permits for those illegal immigrants. Immigration Law is the responsibility of Congress and the legislative process, not the President, until there is a law passed by Congress that must be signed. Congress never passed a law that addressed the Dreamers.

Congress passed a number of immigration laws, and the illegal immigrants and their children violated some of them. Congress did their job and passed immigration laws, the illegal immigrants broke those laws, President Obama over stepped his authority with the Executive Order giving hope to the Dreamers. President Trump signed an Executive Order giving six months to Congress to pass legislation that addresses the Dreamers or the Obama Executive Order will expire and the Dreamers will be deported.

Congress failed to pass legislation addressing the Dreamers because it requires them to take a stand and become accountable to their voters and the money people who pull their strings. Passing anything especially anything that’s controversial is very difficult in that environment. Congress doesn’t want to be held accountable, that’s one reason why President Trump is so popular he’s not a politician. He is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but he’ll take a stand. I’ll vote for that type of person every day of the week.

Obama overstepped his authority by signing his executive order because the 2012 election was close and Obama had to lock in the illegal immigrant votes. Yes, I’m sure a lot of illegal immigrants voted in 2012 and 2016, I know it because of how loud the democrats are screaming that President Trump wants to look in voter fraud.

President Trump is tossing the problem back where it belongs, to Congress who has to take a stand that they don’t want to, but in six months the Dream act is void.

The media paints President Trump as the villain in this story but he’s the only one trying to follow the Constitution.

The media is not telling the story as it should be told, they are telling the story as if President Trump is the villain and that’s just wrong.


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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Constitution was written first and the Bill of Rights was added later, the question of Freedom of Speech was debated for a long time, but the question was not; do we protect free speech? The question was does that need to be spelled out because it was so obviously a natural right that it didn’t need to be spelled out this clearly. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers decided to spell it out because there are times when some of us for no good reason forget that we all enjoy the same freedoms, especially the freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech means freedom of speech. None of us have to agree with or enjoy your speech, but you’re certainly free to speak. Content is only minimally limited. To yell fire in a crowded building when there is no fire puts people’s lives in jeopardy without cause, to speak about the evils of (insert any group here) and try to convince anyone who is listening to hate the same things you hate is acceptable. Everyone is free to try and sell their ideas to anyone who’ll listen; we’re all free to speak and we’re all free to listen or not to listen.

When I stand in the middle of the town square and start telling you how to make a lot of money buying and selling distressed properties I might get a crowd to stand there and listen to me. An analysis of my advice may show that my advice is faulty and you can’t make money doing what I tell you to do but I’m still free to tell you those things, I’m even free to sell you a product based on my speech.

Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware, there are lines to cross when free speech becomes fraud, and the law is very clear on what constitutes fraud. It’s at the point where your freedom of speech impinges on someone’s else’s ability to make an informed decision and you get to make a profit. To be fraud the speaker has to make a profit by selling you something but the facts fail to meet the claims mentioned in your speech, that’s fraud. Hate speech is not fraud.

There are no limits on the content of my opinion, whatever I believe I can say in public. Whatever you believe you can say in public. I can disagree with your opinion and you can disagree with my opinion, but I can’t prevent you from having your opinion or sharing your opinion, and you can’t prevent me from speaking my mind. 

My speech may be hateful and hurt the feelings of 99% of the public, but I’m free to speak my hate filled message. If you strongly disagree or feel that I’m a despicable person because of my hate filled message you’re free to run away and let me speak my ugly message into the wind, you have no obligation to listen to me.

When you try to stop me from speaking my message that’s censorship and that’s worse than my ugly hate filled message. Your judgement that my message is too hateful to be heard in public is just that your judgement, and you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re not entitled to shut me down. 

When you’re free to shut me down because you don’t like my message, you open the door for me to shut your message down, regardless of content.

All speech is free not only the speech that you agree with because what you agree with may not be what I agree with. That’s how it has to be, when we limit speech because some of us disagree with the content or we assume that most people disagree with the content, then free speech becomes limited speech. Attempting to limit the most hateful speech opens the door to censorship. Someone or some group becomes an arbitrary standard that will limit freedom.

To shut down certain kinds of content you have to have an entity (a censor) that determines what’s good and what’s bad? Who is wise enough or consistent enough to do a fair job of regulating free speech. Content, language is subjective, we all have our own interpretation.

What offends me may not offend you, and vice versa. Opinions vary, interpretations vary, motivations vary, fair and consistent is difficult to maintain. When you successfully have my free speech cut off because you don’t like my message, I may fight to ban your message not so much because I don’t like your message, but to get even with you for banning my speech. Once you start limiting who can say what, you’re limiting your own free speech.

Freedom of speech is the law of the land, it’s what makes us strong and makes us free. No one has to agree with the content to make speech free, and no one has the right to limit anyone’s free speech. A hate filled speech is as free as a love filled speech, the content is irrelevant, the public must judge for itself to listen or to tune the message out.

Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are well over 200 years old, we should not have to have this discussion anymore. None of us in this country are so fragile that we can’t be exposed to a message that we can’t agree with that we must ban the message or the messenger.

Freedom of speech means all speech is free, ALL mean ALL Free Means Free




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